I feel like i took a step forward

aaaaaah, i don’t know where to start!

so, i’ve always been very interested in psychology and my dream used to be studying it. but i kinda threw those plans out the window for a long time, until today!

but let’s backtrack for a second; my friend told me that he thought about applying for an art school and it kinda got me thinking again on what i could do. sure, i also thought about going into art school but i don’t think i would enjoy it very much. i love to draw, yes, it’s one of the few things I’m actually good at and confident in, but i’m scared that if i went into that direction that i wouldn’t feel the same about it anymore. i like creating art for me, not because i’m told to.

and i’ve also always been interested in psychology, as i mentioned. psychology, criminology, all that stuff. so on a whim i started researching universities today and i found some that are not too far away and even offer all online and english speaking courses! i’m much better at understanding, comprehending and expressing things in english, even though it’s only my second language. so that really made me happy.

i still got quite the way to go before i could apply to any of those uni’s but it made me feel so much better to finally have a sense of direction — a goal, even.

it’s also kind of funny that i got to this point now, because just yesterday i received a letter from agency of work (loosely translated from my native language, not sure what else to call it) where i got asked to update them on my future plans, if there’s anything to update and if i would like a personal discussion with someone, which i might actually take up, now that i got a general idea of where i want to go.


That is incredible! I am proud of you for pursuing your passion. It’s so great to finally feel like there is some direction or ultimate goal in life. What a great step forward :slight_smile:


Nice thing about psychology is that even if you decide to do something different later on, the learning you receive will be helpful for the rest of your life. There are also many areas of specialization that involve psychology, but you seem to realize that already, having referred to criminology. I’m glad you’ve found an interesting path.


Hi Friend,
that is a huge step and an important one. you found something for yourself that you do with passion.
be proud of that, i am, we are here. take steps forward that, don’t go to quick. everything will fall into
pieces for you. i feel happy for you, enjoy that and have a wonderful day, you matter my Friend, feel hugged
and lovely Greetings

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