I feel like I will never be accepted

I feel like I will never be accepted for who I am by my family and I don’t know what to do

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Im sorry this is how you are feeling I want you to know that you are loved and excepted here and I hope you know that you as so person hold so much value. Have you tryed opening up and talking to your family about how they are making you feel? It’s probable that they don’t even realize that there hurting you. This community is here for you always.
With love,

We’ve gone to therapy for my depression etc and for how my brother treats me but I always get the blame even when he was being rube

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Im sorry that this is going on in your life right now. Know that you are loved this community is here to support you :heart:

Hey @RyanXJessie,

I’m sorry to hear that you feel like you’ll never be accepted by your family. I’m glad to see that you’re trying to make things better by going to therapy; you’re stepping in the right direction! Know that you’ll always be accepted here, no matter your race, religion, beliefs, sexual orientation, political affiliation, past mistakes, etc. If you’re looking for a fun group of people to talk to, I highly recommend checking out HeartSupport’s Discord! :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry you are left feeling this way with your family. I know how hard family acceptance can be. After years of battling with my own, I had to distance from them. One of the hardest things for me to do. I hope that it wont have to come to that for you.

Like the previous person said, know that you ARE valued. Your feelings are VALID. And I hope for you, that your family will be more welcoming and receiving of you and your feelings. Because you matter and so does how you feel.

If you need a friend I am here as are others. <3 Peace and love with you my friend.