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I feel like i'm being dramatic

its been almost 3 years since my friend died but it stills like yesterday. she helped me so much at a really bad time. she saved my life and just feel like I’m going back to that and I’m not gonna have anyone this time. and I try to talk to my other friends like I talked to her to get out of this but they just get super uncomfortable. so I just left all of them dropped out of the school I was at and went somewhere else without telling them. now I have no one and bruh it hurts bad I just don’t know what to do.

I’ve been in a similar situation. I had a friend come back into my life when I got really suicidal and she made me believe in myself. The trick, which is easier said than done, is look inward. Find something about yourself that you like, and focus on that, then find something else the next day. Also try texting the crisis line at 741-741 or call the suicide hotline and talk to them. It helps to put things out there and just talk to someone.
Hold fast my friend

From: tromboness

That sounds difficult and hard to hear that you haven’t been able to find someone that gave you so much support in the past. But please don’t give up finding more people to help support you! Isolation can worsen how you are feeling. If your IRL friends aren’t able to support you as you need, we can help you through the highs and lows of life.

From: ladytapioca

I lost my Aunt, she supported me and my family in every way even with money, without expecting us to repay her. When she passed every broke Her Family, my family just crumbled. Everyone became poisoned with their dark emotions. Some people like my mom still are hurt, My aunt was legit my mothers Soul Mate. It’s fine that you are still healing, Just don’t sure yourself out from the world, try to go out to events and make friends. Your friend will be happy to see you’re okay and trying.

From: bart_tastic

Hey friend! I also lost a friend not too long ago that meant absolutely everything to me. And it’s not easy handling that or getting over a loss like that nor am I expecting you to get over it fast. Things aren’t finished yet, you are still able to shape the ending. It might seem as a dark tunnel with no exit. And it hard thinking that it’s your fault for what happened. We are here to help you, we are here to support and listen to you. You can and will be brought back up. Back to light.

Hey there Kyle.

First off, my sincerest apologies for your loss. Losing a friend is always hard. I lost my best friend 7years ago this March. Even now, it still hurts. He saved my life multiple times and it seems wrong he is gone. big hugs Something you’ve got to realize thought is your friend wouldn’t want you to give up…on anything. That includes school.

I get how hard it must feel to not have that support, its weird to have such a big part of one’s life gone. Im so sorry you feel that no one cares as much as your friend did but im sure there are people who care. I care. People here on HS care.

When it comes to changing schools without telling anyone you knew, no offense but you isolated yourself. But you can change that. Isolation doesn’t help you. I get you’re going through the grieving process but isolating isn’t okay. You need other people especially as you heal from this loss. Ive found that allowing others in helps with healing.

Nothing can bring back your friend but you can choose to be a better person and carry on your friend’s legacy everyday. For me, I have to actively choose to do things that honor my friend and carry his legacy in a proper manner. I feel like, if there is a heaven, he would be looking down proud of me and how I carry his life with me. Choose everyday to be the best you you can be to make your friend proud.

Anyways, again…Im sorry for your loss and that you feel so alone. Healing takes time especially when you were that close. You got this friend. We love you here.

With love,

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Kyle, I’m sorry you lost such an irreplaceable friend. She sounds like she was special to you. I’m sorry that your friends aren’t supporting or encouraging you in the way you feel like you need. Maybe changing schools can help you meet some new people and give you a chance to find someone who is willing to listen to you opening up to them. Maybe this change gives you the space you need to grieve for your friend in a healthy way. If you need someone to talk to, this community is here for you. Your friend would’ve wanted you to keep going, she believed in you and so do I. You’re not alone, hold fast Kyle.


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That’s really hard. I’m sorry that things weren’t working out before and you weren’t receiving the support you needed. But I hope that you find the strength and courage in the new place. And I hope you are able to find people who lift you up and remind you how important you are. Because you matter. And you are deserving and worth of love and support. From yourself and others.

I’m sorry about the loss of your friend. I can only imagine how hard that had to be for you.

I wish you healing my friend. We are here to offer support love and encouragement as you need it.

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Hold Fast.