I feel like Im dying

All my energy is dying and I feel less alive than ever. All my motivation has dissapeared and I feel like I’m dying. Slowly but surely, dying.


Hi, I’m sorry to hear that.

I’m not very good at advice and I’m no expert but that sounds like depression. Maybe go to a doctor and get some help, they may be able to give you a diagnosis and some meds to help you out.

I hope you feel better. From Luna

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I thought I was getting better. If this is not a normal emotion to feel every day do I need meds? I’ll have to ask to up my doseage.


Hello! I’m am so sorry to hear that you are feeling like this,
I agree, and I think this sounds like depression, and some days you can feel like you are getting better, and you are having a good day. Then it can come back and hit you in the face. It’s typically not normal to feel sad, or very down over the course of weeks, so yes you would need to take medicine. I take some too, and I’ve had to up my dose. I’m not that great at advice either, but I will tell you that motivation is just an emotion, it comes and goes sadly. Depression, however is not an emotion, and it doesn’t go away in just a couple of days, it can sometimes be a long battle. But I know you will be able to do it, and you have people on here that love, and care about you, to help + support you. And I promise that things will get better for you, and I know that is said a lot, but there’s a reason why.
My best advice to you is, yes ask for a higher dose if you think you may need it, try and develop some good habits such as maybe reading, waking up at certain times, etc. whatever you like to do and make it a habit, try making some goals whether they be weekly or monthly goals, by doing this you can help that motivation feeling spark a little, try to do some things for yourself (self care), writing down things in a journal can help as well, look into a therapist if you are comfortable, it can help, try and appreciate the small things in life and live in the moment. Meaning just sit back and relax, take in your surroundings, and think of all the things you are grateful for.
I hope this helped you a little bit, and remember you are so worthy and loved, and we are all here for you no matter what. I hope you have a great day, and you can figure out what you need to do for yourself.
Sending all my love -Amber


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