I feel like I'm dying

Ive never been able to confide in my family. They’re harsh, but they definitely care. They’re harsh to make it clear. I feel so insecure. Please help me. They look into the weaknesses, to try to make them less. The bullies were similar but with a different goal. Please help me,I can’t live like this

You said you know they care, but do you FEEL they care? Many get stuck on the idea that simply knowing an emotion without feeling that same emotion means something is wrong with them when really the other party just isn’t presenting their feelings appropriately. It’s hard to confide in family, especially parents as there is a fear of rejection and invalidation. However, without being and staying true to yourself, you aren’t really living a life, but simply existing. Your feelings matter are are completely valid. Always look at how far you have come rather than how much further you need to go. My suggestion is to find your support system. It is perfectly okay for it not to be your family. With a strong support system, you will get through anything.