I feel like I'm losing it

I’ve started developing a crush on someone who will never know I exist, and it makes me wonder why I waste my time doing this and then I feel as though I just shouldn’t exist. No one will ever want to be with an ugly coward like myself.

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I hate this life no one wants me or needs me .

Hi @lonelyfreak,

All of us have been there having a crush that doesn’t know that you exist. You aren’t wasting time for liking someone. There will be someone that will love you in the future so don’t be harsh on yourself. You aren’t ugly person. I think you are a beautiful and kind person.

It depends if you are comfortable. Have you tried to ask your crush out? Your crush will never know if they like you. It’s okay, if your crush rejects. Not end of the world. I had a high school crush. My crush and I are the type to be together due to similar interest. We were always head on head to each other with academics & make jokes to each other. All the guys I used to have a crush always date the wrong person. I don’t get guys sometimes. There is nothing I can do but support them on the side. It’s my crush life he can date whoever he wants. I actually met him randomly on social media like two years ago to specifically asked him if he liked me. He did know but didn’t care. I did feel depress after he text me that message. However, it was good closure between for me and him.

No because the individual lives in another country not possible to speak with to them, but how can you say I’m not ugly you’ve never seen me before.

It doesn’t matter if I never met your in real life or not. I think everyone is beautiful in their special way. It doesn’t need to be physical feature but personality. There is no such thing is ugly. Every country has different with beauty standards. You may think your ugly in a certain physical feature but others might not agree. I also have crush with international celebrities and I do want to see them someday. I’m trying to learn a different language.

That’s cool that you’re learning another language I wish I could.

It’s never too late to learn another language. My grandma learned English around in her late 40s but she can speak basic things like greetings & brand name stores.

I’m too dumb I barely graduated highschool and with work I never have the energy to do much of anything.

It’s okay to feel lazy certain days. Sometimes I feel dumb person so you aren’t alone too.

Thanks for talking with me I’m sorry if I was rude.

I really don’t want to exist anymore

I can’t take living this life anymore I don’t want to be me.

It’s okay, you didn’t sound rude to me! There are bad days I have to go through but try to remain positive. Instead of thinking of not living anymore, What are goals that you want to do with your life? You may not know it now.

I don’t have any goals not anymore.

It’s okay if you don’t have any goals. I have a question I saw a previous comment that you hate yourself. Instead of being harsh on yourself, What are positive traits that you like about yourself?

Nothing really.

If I keep telling myself, that I’m a ugly and loser: this can lead me to have low-self esteem. I used to be harsh on myself that cause me to be isolated from others. It didn’t make me feel happy. There are few insecurities that I struggle with but I try to not get into my head. Sometimes I overthink something negative that makes feel anxious or scare or sad. Life is rough but I always have to remain positive and be kind to myself. I hope it helps you. Just remember I’m here to support you the best I can.

Sorry I’m being overly negative I apologize for being rude.

Don’t need to apologize. I’m trying to understand your side. If you keep being so negative to yourself, it’s going to lead some negative consequences in the future. I don’t want to you go in that route like I did. I’m going to support no matter how much the world sucks! Do I expect you to be happy and positive 100% everyday? NOO!! You are going to face some difficult challenges in your life so you might be depress in certain days. I can’t force someone to be happy all the time.

I give you metaphor that helps me each day. Do you want a dark cloud (negative: low-esteem) raining on you every single day? It’s too cold when being wet for too long. Plus, I wear glasses so having rain droplet is to painful to see. Rain does help cool people down during a hot weather. I lived in Florida so it’s super hot & humid. The point is that I’m trying to make is I rather have sunshine instead of dark cloud. You can’t be wet (negative) forever. Does that make sense to you? You may not feel happy right now, the smallest things can make you smile. There are different things that make people happy.

Yeah I understand, I’m feeling a bit better compared to last couple of days thank you for taking the time to talk with me and not giving up on me.

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