I feel like im stuck

I live at my moms, correction, grandmas. My mom left me when i was born and she came back 5 years later. My dad left the moment he found out she was pregnant. I mean, life felt fine until i was about 11. My mom had been dating the same guy for about 8 years now and i loved him. He was the father i never had. They broke up, and my mom took us with her. I started at a new school and i was alone, i mean, im starting a new school in a new district, i know no one. Any way, skip ahead. The first time i met my dad was when i was 11. It was 2 months after my birthday and we went out to eat cici’s. It was fine for about the first year, then my whole world flipped upside down. I lost my best friend of about 7 years and i had to deal with this new dad crap. Skip ahead 2 years, im 14 now, my family has easily gotten worse. They tell me to go live with my dad, im just like him, im lazy, and so much more. I know they hate me. I dont know the thing that will push me over to go live with him. I mean, i cant say i love my dad, but hes alot more of a parent than my mom is. My mom is never a parent, then she wants to be a parent to yell at me. I dont know what to do guys, i dont have the balls to go but i dont want to stay either. If you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for spending your time to read this.<3


I’m broken you feel like your parents hate you. Maybe try a trial run at your dads? Like a two week period to see if it would fit you better?

Grief is really weird and can take a long time to process. Did the school offer a grief counselor ir something similar?

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