I feel like lapsing so bad right now!

Damn! I’m doing so great, 6 days sober, yet I feel like lapsing on pills again! IDK how to get over it! I wish I could overcome this impulse! I am never great with impulses! There are pills lying around, but my mom and sister are there! I feel like I’m about to fuck it all up! I just want to OD on it and get it over with! I hate having these impulses! When these happen, I can’t overcome them, and they just get stronger and stronger until I give up and have a lapse! I’m going to go to my NA meeting tonight to talk it over. I texted my friend who is also a member there


Hey , you got this man. Idk if you have any coping mechanisms you like to do when you feel the urge to relapse but try to do as many things possible to keep your mind off of it. Be kind to yourself. You can recover !! Hang in there & stay strong : )

It might be best if you can be around someone, to help distract you. Something that helped me was to set little goals of time. For example, I’d tell myself I could make it another five minutes, then after five minutes, tell myself the same thing again. I’d keep repeating this process, gradually setting larger chunks of time as my goal. Eventually it becomes hours, days, months, etc. For me, it took about three months before although I still felt craving, I was confident I wasn’t going to relapse. One thing about NA, is that you can keep throwing each other life lines.

Thanks man. It’s been tough

Thanks for that tip. It’s been tough. My family isn’t really that supportive of me. All they do is snoop and ask what am I doing or they just yell at me

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