I feel like nobody I meet, miss me

Hi, I know I said that I would be 3 week off, but I couldnt help myself and I needed to write this. Since that now everyone in my country have to be 24h in the house and we cant go to class.In this days I have understood that all I have done to try to open to people havent work at all, because almost no one have tried to contact me and talk to me at least If I am not the first one to start the conversation.

Maybe I always have been bothering them,so when we have to start to go to class again, I wont speak to the people I was trying to talk to again, maybe is what they really want. Maybe I am not interesting enough.

If anyone read this, thanks you. And please take care, stay home safe. Have a good day :raised_hands:


Hey @Maisnow,

Hope today will be a good one to you. :wink:

As said on your other post, it’s good to see you.

With all that corona-stuff, circumstances for everyone are quite difficult and weird. I’m sorry that no one tried to contact you though. It’s absolutely natural to expect to be in touch with those who are part of your life, even if you don’t see them directly. I’ve been there too. Not now, but at different moments in my life. I was used to be the one who starts conversations too, with my beloved ones. It’s frustrating sometimes, and exhausting. It makes you doubt about the fact that others might be caring about you or not, or you can even start to question who you are…

On the other side, I think that when we are struggling we naturally expect from others to reach out to us. We expect more from those we love. Sometimes it’s not really fair though. It depends on the quality of our relationships, the personality/habits of everyone, current circumstances… It’s a difficult balance to find between our own expectations and what others can actually give to us. It’s often a mix between all of this.

But one thing is sure: you deserve to be shown that you are loved and cared for. Maybe not through the way you expect it, but still. For example, sometimes actions are more significant than words, even if they’re less frequent. Anyway, it’s not about you being interesting enough or not. That is 100% sure. I understand that it’s tempting for you to start to think that you are the problem. But you’re not.

Every relationship needs some mutual adjustments sometimes. And it goes along with a respectful and honest communication. You have the right to feel how you feel. You have the right to let your friends know about it and see how you can improve that altogether, if that’s something you’d be willing to try. You know, sometimes we just forget to reach out to those we love just because we’re focused on other things, daily life… it happened to me many times, even though I’m willing to show the people I love that I care about them. On the other side, if your friends are ignoring you intentionally, then it’s not really honest and you deserve better than this. It would be their loss.

Stay safe too. It’s a bit stressful to be asked to stay at home and see your habits changing all at once. But you’re gonna be okay. :heart:


Really thank you for your answer, I am not having a good moment right now and really your answer is really apreciated. :hugs:. I only wish one day I could stop worrying about the people and to love me more.


Hey friend,

With all of the things going on right now, it makes sense to need to come out of silence and share your mind. I think a lot of people right now are feeling really beside themselves with current events.

Do you think that maybe part of the reason people aren’t reaching out right now is because of everything going on? A lot of people are trying to focus on their families, being safe and all of that, maybe right now just isn’t a good time.

I know you also went on a social break for a while. Do you think maybe they were trying to just give you your space?

Maybe it would be worth it to talk to them and tell them how you feel and kinda see where the relationship is. Then you can decide if you need to distanced yourself. Sometimes people have a hard time being the initiative. And sometimes this is lack of effort but sometimes it’s just struggle with social energies. Talking to them could be worth it.

Stay safe my friend.

  • Kitty

Really thank you for your answer, is really aprecciated and maybe I should talk to them and see if it worth it the relationship. Because at the end of the day, thing only can be solve by speaking.
But first maybe I need to calm down. Really thanks a lot and please take care :hugs: