I feel lonely everywhere I go

Ever since I got out of high school I’ve felt like there’s nobody really around who really cares how I’m doing. Whenever those thoughts come in I’m always quick to correct myself because there are definitely people who care about me and want to keep a friendship with me, I guess I just feel like I put on a disguise in my day to day life where everyone likes me but nobody knows me, or at least has ever tried to get to know me; which makes me feel down, until I realize that I’m just as guilty of not putting myself out there and make my friendships deeper and longer lasting, which usually just makes me feel worse about myself. And I enjoy my life enough, I enjoy my job, I love playing music and have a relationship with Jesus, but I always feel like I’m just a step away from truly thriving in life and I’m too afraid to take a step in any direction out of fear that people will learn more about me than they wanted to and retract their friendship, or that my efforts will fall flat and it’ll be really awkward. I guess the problem is I never feel a strong sense of community with other people (And certainly not other believers) and I dont know how to change that. The only time I feel strongly connected with people are when I go to concerts, and I don’t even speak to those people. Anyways thanks for reading, just needed to get this all out.

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Hello Jaden.
Trust me, I understand about feeling lonely everywhere. I’ve never felt very connected with society or people.

Sometimes it’s hard to be yourself around other people, especially when you don’t want to be awkward and you want to be liked. But trust me, long lasting relationships come with honesty. Show them who you are. If they don’t accept you, then you should move on and try to find others because that’s not someone you want to hang around anyway.
When I got lonely, I blamed myself too. ‘It’s my fault I’m lonely, isnt it? I’m the one hiding myself away’
The world belongs to you. To get things that are worth it it takes hard work. Learning to open up and be proud of yourself. If anything, be proud of yourself. You don’t need others approval to like yourself. If there are things about yourself you don’t like, you can change them if you put your heart into it.
I know you’re afraid to go forward, and that’s okay. But it’s better to burn out than to fade away. Take a risk, because twenty years from now you want to be able to look back and think, ‘wow I really kicked my demons’ asses.’ :slight_smile:
Music and concerts is the place where bohemians go. So open up and be bulletproof my friend <3

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Thank you so much, that helps a lot

i know how its scary that people like you but dont know you, my friends know me for me but dont know the pther 50% of my struggles . The thing about concerts usually can relate to one another . they may not show it but theres those who may not know who u are but you know those can relate to what you can relate to with in the music . I believe in the past ive masked how i was feeling because i didnt trust those around me. just know you are not alone in this fight

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Hey Jaden, Thanks for posting about pressing issue in your life. First off I want to remind you that you are not alone. I’ve struggled my whole life to make and maintain friends, so your feelings are valid and worthy of discussion. After my high school years I lost almost all of my “friends” from that time frame. There are only a couple of people I would consider my friends but we are not very close as of late. The easiest thing to do is blame yourself because you’re the common denominator. The harsh reality is that true friends are hard to come by. Anything worth having is worth waiting for, as my grandma used to say.

I would encourage you to keep your hopes up because from what I see, you’ve got one hell of a head on your shoulders. Being able to take a deep look inside ones self and identifying issues is a skill that is extremely rare and should be celebrated. With all of the life you have to live and all the lessons you have to learn, you will brave this path that has been set before you. Hold Fast

Hey friend. Your topic has hit me harder than a lot of the topics that I’ve seen personally. I was that person right up until the age of about 18 that people would refuse to get to know. I was physically and verbally bullied right through school and even at work up until I turned 22 last year… People would refuse to be my friend or talk to me because they didn’t want to become a target like I was. That hurt, so much. When I turned 19 I met my best friend, and she started pushing to try to get to know me. All I did was push her away because I was so scared of her getting hurt the way I did. Until I found HeartSupport a few months ago, I only ever had 2-3 real friends, I wouldn’t involve myself in anything outside of my gaming. However now, I’ve met a whole community of people who care about me and love me, and these 2 guys who are my closest family. It took me so long to actually start getting more involved with the people here, and sure, I still sometimes try to isolate, but… They don’t allow for that here :wink: that’s why it’s called COMMUNITY. They don’t let you fall. I put on a disguise at home everyday just for the chance that my parents will love me and stop abusing me for even a day. It never works, so I keep trying. I keep trying to pretend I’m better, that I’m doing well, just so I have a chance of getting through the day without being called every name under the sun. The only people that know the real me are the people here at HS. So, you’re not alone there my friend. Please keep reaching out, come join our discord, our live streams… We want to get to know you. We want to help you.

Hold Fast

You guys are fantastic, thank you. Your stories, good and bad, matter to me and it means a lot.

@Jaden Here is our video response from our live stream today. Hold Fast.