I feel lost, and sad

I used to always watch Filthy Frank. He was almost exactly like me. He even had the same personality and humor as me. I couldn’t stop watching his videos. I’ve been with him for around 2-3 years. Recently he left YouTube, and is pursuing his music career I was lost and sad before, but i kinda got over it. But recently i dressed up as one of his characters, and this sparked me into a spiral of depression. I keep hoping that he will come back to YouTube, but i feel like he wont. Every time someone plays a song of his or i see one of his videos, or if someone mentions him, i get sad, I’ve been using my friends as an escape, but i don’t know how much longer i can last without him.



How about finding a way to develop a line of communication with this Filthy Frank? Somewhere, there may be a means of relating Filthy Frank’s work to a corporation other than YouTube. Most businesses will want to respect the customer client relationship, so information that is personally identifiable will be difficult if not impossible to obtain.

Fortunately, there will be an email address, somewhere. Look on all social media sites Filthy Frank is believed to frequently access. Send an honest, respectable request to speak to Filthy Frank, privately, and certainly you will have some opportunity to have a decent (even if only momentary) conversation with this character.

Wish you the best.




I know it’s tough when someone you look forward to disappears. However, try following other social media accounts like Instagram and twitter if he has them! That would be a great start. Also, try harnessing your time with a new hobby or maybe an old one you lost touch with. Use this as a strength, because you are NOT weak and you can find happiness again.

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Hey @blackoozeman1,

I would suggest trying to follow him on his social media accounts! Even though he doesn’t post on YouTube anymore, I’m sure he still posts on Instagram Stories (and/or IGTV), Facebook Stories, or SnapChat - that way you’ll still get videos, just in a shorter time-span. Alternatively, I’m sure his music makes you happy! He’s still around, you just have to find new, innovative ways to find him.


I have tried to contact him on twitter, multiple times. I am now having dreams about trying to get him to come back, or of me going back in time to try and get him to take breaks so he doesn’t quit. I will try to contact him on instagram and post the results here. I thank you for your support.

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