I feel lost, ive not been this depressed or lonely in a long time

i don’t know why I’m putting this here, I guess I Just need to talk to someone about it. I’m spending a lot of time at home right now with covid. I’m going crazy and depressed. I stayed up late last night, slept late today, I spent a solid 8 hours straight not hardly moving from the couch and just watching tv today. I can’t seem to get it together. I’m a recent college grad (though late at 27), I’m high risk and don’t know how to find employment. I live with family and feel worthless. depressions is conusming me somtimes. I just… i don’t care. I feel like everything is hopeless. No one listens to reason , my country (The us) has civil unrest and a political situation that makes me VERY anxious right now. Covid isn’t being taken serious in my community. Everything I spent the last several years working for is gone. My social life is gone, my hobbies gone (since they involved meeting people in person). I went from living on my own to living with family again. I hate it. I hate all of this. my lonliness is eating me alive. Sometimes I obsess about sex but the truth is I just want to cuddle and watch netflix with someone. I want someone to care. I’m losing my mind. i hate sounding this way, like a whiny little bitch. But its how I feel, ive tried so hard to to fix myself but i can’t. I just feel broken like I don’t fit anywhere in the world.


I ain’t some professional, by any means, so I feel like I shouldn’t be trying to tell you what to do. All I can say is that there are certainly alot of things in life that you can’t change, unfortunately, like politics and shit like that. But you gotta start finding what’s good for you and good for your soul. It’s never too late to start my friend, I hope things start to get better for you. Everyday has the potential to be a good day. Hang in there <3


I don’t misunderstand what you’re going through, WakaWaka. It’s been a challenging time for a lot of people, including myself. After years of consistent mental health recovery, I started having symptoms again in lockdown. I never really left the house for a couple months and it messed with me. I now see my therapist in person again, but we both wear masks during our sessions. What is helping me is keeping a routine and getting exercise. I get up around the same time every morning and clean/cook and take care of my daughter. I, later in the day, take my music with me and will go outside and walk about 2 miles in around one albums length of time/40ish minutes. It has helped me work through negative emotions I have and ignore the unrest happening. I know it’s rough out in the world right now, but we can get through this.

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Hi friend - you are not alone in feeling this way. Things will change - you won’t be on lockdown forever and you will be able to go out and meet people again. Even though things might feel endless right now, this will end.

I also was losing my mind for a minute at the beginning of covid hitting. Sunk down to (almost) as bad as I’ve ever been. But completely agree with @RayRen that exercise and music have been saving my life. It sounds cliche but it’s true that your body and mind feel better if you can get consistent exercise. But in the beginning you have to make yourself and that of course can feel impossible.

I believe in you friend - hold fast. We care about you and you don’t sound whiny - you sound like someone who is tired and alone and is reaching out for help which is healthy and a good thing! :heart:

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You’re not a whiny little bitch. I think when people hear “everyone’s struggling right now,” they feel like they shouldn’t be complaining; but everyone else’s struggling doesn’t lessen yours, or theirs. We’re having a really hard time right now, collectively and individually.

Everything you spent the last several years working on isn’t gone. No one can take your degree away from you, and it will be valid and ready to go when the job market opens back up. It will take time depending where you are and what your field is, but the country can’t function normally without the jobs that have been lost. We’re in a really shitty season, but you won’t get left out of the economic recovery.

It is SO easy to languish when there’s nothing to do, and the more you lay around the less you want to do. My wife and I did a staycation last month after we cancelled our travel plans, and at the end of it we found out she’d been exposed to COVID, so we self-quarantined for another week and a half. We pretty much just watched TV all day. We were tired of being in the house, we were tired of being around each other, and we were tired of doing nothing but couldn’t come up with the energy to do something, especially since whatever we did needed to be in the apartment.

You don’t have to do much to feel better about your day. You can start with sitting outside and either read or listen to music for a bit. Sunlight and outdoor air do wonders for the body, and just the simple act of getting off the couch makes you feel so much better! After a few days of leaving the couch, maybe take a walk around the block. When I’ve been cooped up too long, even just for a day, simply leaving the house makes me feel way better. Sometimes I’ll even just go drive around. Driving is more mentally engaging than watching TV.

Try to cut down on your news consumption. Things are very tense right now, and you’re not blowing the situation out of proportion, but obsessing over the news has damaged a lot of people’s mental health. Limit yourself to scanning headlines once a day, or once every other day, and be choosy about which stories you read. A lot of them are sensationalist pieces that aren’t actually very important. For example, there have been stories about the second stimulus bill for months, but I didn’t read any of them until the Senate passed their version, because everything prior was just speculation. I won’t read another stimulus story until the headline says the House has passed their version, and then that the president has signed it, because anything before the actions is just talk.

Remember that there’s a difference between social distancing and social isolation. Nothing will replace a hug from a friend, or cuddling on the couch to watch Netflix, but you can have video calls or virtual game nights.You can also look for drive-in events in your community, which are getting more popular. I’ve been going to drive-in concerts to support a local brewery, and those evenings just feel refreshingly normal.

You can get through this. It sucks. I feel your depression and exhaustion; but we will all get through this, because we don’t have a choice. Time doesn’t leave anyone behind. Society will relearn how to operate, whether the virus dies down or we adapt. In the meantime, do what you need to to survive, and come lean on us when you’re feeling especially down.

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