I Feel My Podcasts Are Helping Me Emotionally

I officially started taking podcasting seriously and I have been doing podcasts on different issues from politics, social issues, just about anything and I am growing my audience. I’ve always wanted to get into radio but never had the opportunity to do so until I decided to get on YouTube and Podcast my material on there. I feel that podcasting gives me a voice and lets me be heard to the whole wold how I feel and how I think and how I view the world. So far its been positive no haters or crazy people making negative comments. I hope I can one day do podcasting for a living and be able to be happy for once that I am doing something I love doing.


This is so awesome! I’m glad you found a way to lift yourself up and into a space you’ve been wanting to get to. GOOD FOR YOU!!! Keep up the hard work. I hope good things come to you consistently and continually!

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Thank You so very much