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I feel really depressed and suicidal

I feel like I just want everything to end and all my pain and sadness to go away



Hey friend,

I hear you. And obviously I don’t know what lead you to those feelings, but I’d like to thank you for being here. It’s a huge step to actually share about how we feel, to share some of our vulnerabilities with other people. Thank you for sharing. :heart:

It’s really difficult to deal with such feelings of sadness and suicidal thoughts… And it sounds that you’ve been carrying this for a certain time now. Do you want to talk about what makes you feel this pain? Whether it’s here or privately, you can set your own rules. Just know that we’re willing to listen here and to support you.

Maybe you feel like you’re getting at the end of your rope right now, but there is still hope, friend. You can still change that situation by taking some healthy steps for yourself. You actually did one by coming here.

I know that death can be appealing sometimes, but it’s not a solution. It’s the result of the pain and sadness you’re feeling, and you only deserve to feel better. Did you have the occasion to let your beloved ones know about how you feel already? If not, I’d like to encourage you to do so. Sometimes we’re afraid to reach out to our relatives, just because it makes us uncomfortable and we’re afraid to be a burden. But it’s okay to ask for help, there is no shame to do that. In fact, it’s part of being strong to rely on others sometimes. We all go through some tough seasons in our lives and we can’t carry everything on our own shoulders all the time.

As you didn’t give much details, I’d like to let the following informations about crisis lines, just in case you need it:

If there is a moment when you don’t feel safe enough, if this sadness becomes too intense, then please don’t hesitate to use those informations. It is totally safe. :heart:

You are loved, friend. You matter. Your life matter.
Maybe you had to gather a lot of energy and strength to survive to some of your worst days. But brighter ones are ahead.

Hold fast.

Hey Milly,

Sorry that you’re facing some hard and painful emotions right now. I can relate to feeling this way on a deep level. Most of my life I have battled with a lot of severe depression and suicide ideation and it wasn’t always easy to push through. Sometimes things can get so intense and can feel so overwhelming and overbearing. And it can leave us feeling like we’d rather just quit. You are not alone.

But friend, your life matters. Everything that you’re feeling and battling right now matters and is important. What is going on that makes you feel this way? I know it can be really hard to talk about it, but if you’re willing and comfortable, we are here to listen. We all need to feel like we heard and someone cares sometimes.

What’s been going on, friend? Let’s talk.

I encourage you to also look into the links that Micro has left. These are really good resources. In case you aren’t comfortable sharing details here. You can do so privately at any of those places. In a call or just texting. Whatever is more comfortable, please don’t ever feel afraid to reach out and talk about it, okay? You’re life is so important. We want to help and encourage you.

And if you want, or if you’re not already, you can join us on discord: Where there is a lot of other people you can connect to. :heart: We all struggle my friend, but there is an amazing community here that you can be a part of.

Stay strong.


  • Kitty