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I feel really high and sleepy(huge TW/im really really sorry)

Trigger warning cause this is serious

I just took something potentially dangerous and Im bored, waiting for it take affect. Im starting to think I am not going to die. I just feel really dizzy, high, sleepy, and sweating.

I overdosed but I also took some meds, on the label it said that if i take more than 8 then it would be fatal. But all I did was pee a lot in the last 40 mintues.

I can barely get up, I feel weak



Please call the emergencies or a poison center at least, right now. You should have the contact info here:

I’m glad you have posted here, but right now you need help from doctors.

Amaris, your life is too precious and you are too important. I care about you. I hate the thought that you could be hurt or worse. Please let someone know, either emergencies or someone close to you right now. It is okay to be helped regardless of what happened, okay? Your safety is a priority.



I think I’m fine now, I guess? Starting to come down from the high which is making me a little depressed cause lack of serotonin, but I haven’t had any pain. Didn’t throw up, but I did urinate alot. I took it at around 2am but its 5am now and I’m just laying in bed.

Didn’t sleep because I have slept/napped all day

I’ve done overdoses before and survived them. I thought for sure this time but I guess I’m resilient

Idk if I still have to call cause im kind of reluctant

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Amaris I know it might seem that way and yes it might not be as serious but it also can be. It might have done some harm that you might not register. You should still find the help you need. Your life and health is too precious. You are loved :heart:

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hi there,
just checking in with you. Did you contact any medical emergency lines or poison control centres? Even if you feel okay, it’s good to know for sure, we don’t want you to encounter any complications at a later stage.

how is your mental space right now? You matter and we’re glad you’re here with us.

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I still didn’t contact any emergency lines, I was scared of my parents finding out specially since I’ve done this person without their knowledge. I threw up some and got some sleep. Feeling much better.

Though something happened when I was having that mental breakdown. My mind split and now suddenly I can identify the different aspects of myself like a russian doll. The part of me that self sabotages and the part of be thats looking for reassurance and to be held.

One is a small child that just wants to be loved and validated while the other is a traumatized and resentful teenager. Both are me in different stages of my life I suppose.


It’s totally normal to feel al these different aspects. And sometimes it’s extremely hard to amalgamate them by ourselves, sometimes it takes some outside help to work together the various hurting pieces and feelings. You deserve to be here and have the help to start to glue them together.
You don’t have to feel embarrassed for reaching to your parents or others around you. They love you and want you to be whole. You deserve to give yourself that chance

Have you tried meditation? It sounds like you had some insight into yourself, and I think you may be able to build on that without having to go through this process again.
I hope that you see yourself as a series of exciting puzzles, that you can figure out and piece together, and love.

Are you seeing a therapist at all to help you through the big emotions you feel?
Wishing you a peaceful day and i hope that you do some fun stuff for yourself and create some good memories!

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