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I feel sad

I’m sad. I’ve been sad most of my life. got better for a couple of years. this year is so bad. this week is even worse. today im extremely sad.


Hi @hooman, what’s the matter? Can you point out what’s making you sad at the moment. It’s okay to feel sad sometimes especially if you are going through some stressors that alter your mood. Try to take it easy with yourself. If you can’t figure out what the issue is, maybe go see someone or tell someone you trust, someone who cares about you. It’s okay friend, this type of stuff happens to a lot of people and it can be helped. Try to do something you like or something that excites you for now.

Thank you! really! but I can’t talk to anyone irl. i just don’t feel like there is a point of all of this you know. what is the point if im gonna die eventually. why not just die now.

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Why so concerned about death except if you use it to motivate you to live more fully. There’s so much to life @hooman, You could get little or big victories each day and these victories add up and make you happy. Try to celebrate the little things you do each day. Also, being grateful helps. At first it might not make any sense but in due time you would realize the positive effects of simply being grateful. It’s a state/attitude of mind. Try to create small or big goals to give you a sense of direction. Journal your days if you can. Pick up a hobby, spend time with friends. I don’t know what you did that made you feel better before but I’m sure it can be done again.

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Thank you so much for trying to help

Hey friend, I feel my answer to that question isn’t going to feel truthful to you but here goes…up until this point life has been pretty bleak (it sounds like from what you’ve said). That actually doesn’t determine your future tho, it is within possibility for things to become more worthwhile. I’d say dying now removes that possibility.

For me, I got meds and a therapist which helped hugely. I have no idea if that would help you, but it is a possibility. And if there’s a possibility that things can be different, use heart support to give you the courage to try :hrtlegolove:

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can’t get meds or therapist. its ok thank you. i know no one can help. i just thought maybe talking could make it a little easier i guess. thank you

Hey @hooman,

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling so sad recently. This year has been tough so far, and it’s taking a toll on so many… so, really, it’s more than okay to feel like everything is worthless. There’s objectively a lot going on right now.

May I ask is there’s anything that uses or used to bring you some joy? A passion, a hobby, a project, an activity… When everything feels pointless, it can be good to focus on simple joys and pleasures, without any pressure and without any particular expectation. Just to relax a little, focus on something good, having fun before anything else, and making room in your heart for the things that are truly fulfilling to you. :hrtlegolove:

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