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I feel so alone, guitar is my only friend

Im not sure if ill get a reply to this but its worth a shot i guess… My passion/drive in life is guitar, writing songs, preforming songs, learning different songs from different genres etc. As a person with no real social life offline i find myself constantly attaching myself to my favourite musicians and bands (not in a weird stalker way but in a “i wanna be like them” type of way) i practise guitar for atleast 6-7 hours a day and more if im not doing anything important, i dont have many friends and i live with my grandparents (both 80 years old) so i dont have anyone to really connect with or to just spend time with, i try so hard to make friends but i just wish i had a friend who would actually ask how my day was or even to talk to…

Thanks for reading to whoever made it this far :slight_smile: take care, i hope everyone has a great day

Gosh, that sucks man…it sucks to feel like you put yourself out there or you try to make friends and it never works out…like there’s something broken with you or your life or your circumstance to feel like you just can’t figure this “friendship” thing out, especially when the rest of the world seems to have it down just fine…so you pour yourself into this art form as a way to express yourself and vent your ambition, but you feel entirely lonely all the while, and it’s hard to hold on sometimes because it feels like you’re all alone.

Thank you for sharing your heart…I know the feeling too of believing that there’s not a single person out there that gives a rip how I’m doing right now. It’s a bitter emptiness…I’m sorry you’re going through that right now, Damian. Again, I appreciate you sharing here because hopefully, if only for a moment, you know you’re not alone in what you’re going through.



Hey @Damian,

It feels so great to have passions, hobbies, interests that drives you into something creative such as guitar. I really admire your dedication. Always find this really inspiring on a personal level. Thank you for sharing about this. :wink:

I’m sorry you don’t have anyone to really connect with for the moment. I can relate to this feeling of loneliness. In fact, it reminded me when I was a student. I had to move in a new city and I didn’t know anyone there. And because of social anxiety I was unable to speak to someone or make new friends. During 3 years, I spent sooo many days without having a single interaction with someone and I know this can become very heavy. And to be honest, sometimes I went to different stores just for the 30 seconds of interaction with the sellers (better to laugh about it now :stuck_out_tongue:).

With time, I realized that building new relationships is mostly a matter of time and opportunities. And we can always try to think of news ways to promote these opportunities.

The fact that you’ve got this passion can be, in any case, a good starting point to meet new people. That’s just my opinion, but maybe it might be worth starting to think from this.

I don’t know if that’s something that might be interesting for you or if you’d feel comfortable with this, but what about going to some music concerts? I mean small ones, in intimate places such as in coffee shops, restaurants… These are places that are conducive to informal discussions with people we don’t know but with whom we share the same interests. Of course, it’s not the same as long-term friendships, but maybe it can be a way to meet new people or to create opportunities.

Also, you certainly already have a certain level of practice, but sometimes courses can be an occasion to make new friends (guitar lessons, for example).

Know that, in any case, you are not alone. :heart:

And… I’ve got to ask. How was your day? :wink:

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Thanks Nate, the fact you took the time to respond to this means the world to me :slight_smile: your right its always good to know your not alone so thanks for the support! Im sorry i couldnt respond earlier im from new zealand and time zones are weird. I hope you had a great day dude, thanks for making mine better :heart:

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Hey dude! Thanks for responding :slight_smile: also thanks for sharing your story and what you learnt from what you were going through at the time. I have started to go to a few local concerts in the town next to mine and i havent made many friends yet but im slowly becoming more confident in myself so that makes me feel proud of myself, my day was good thank you :slight_smile: i hope you had a great day

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