I feel so bad to my gf’s

I feel bad to my gf’s i’m in a poly relationship rn which they both have mental health issues which i’m feeling bad about bc they half do to deal with me relapsing 24/7 on my addictions


It sounds like the three of you are dealing with difficult challenges. If the three of you are committed to being as nurturing as you can towards each other, I think your situation is survivable.

If you are relapsing repeatedly, something in your approach needs to change. Explain that to your therapist, then be willing to try doing what the therapist recommends.

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yeah i’m gonna try to talk to my therapist about a couple things since i want to try to get diagnosed with a couple thing of mh i’ve noticed about myself


hi friend,
thank you for sharing and keeping us updated.
in my eyes it is the most important part in therapy to completely trust your therapist, if the chemistry is there
and you feel good about it. as i have been so far in therapy, even the hard issues, worries i opened up about.
it may take some strength and energy, but its worth it. if you are not already aware of this.
you are doing great and also you are willing to talk about everything. you are strong.
have a nice day, you are loved and you matter my friend. feel hugged :purple_heart:

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