I feel so emotional

I feel deep in my heart that life is beautiful. I love everyone, I love all the animals and creatures. I love all the plants and vegetation. Everything is so beautifully unique with their own set of perfections and imperfects. Pain and suffering to love and joy. I embrace it all because it’s apart of life. Every end starts a new beginning. Even if i feel like an alien on this planet at times, im just happy that i got to be apart of it.

I just want to cry because my feelings are overflowing


Thank you for posting this here!

I hope that is something you can carry with you for a long time.


Hello Amaris
I am glad that you see all that is beautiful in the world. Sometimes that is a problem for me and other people because there are so many bad things happening but it is good to remind ourselves that there are a lot of beautiful things in the world too. :slightly_smiling_face: I for example like good tea and coffee, RPGs, forests,Autumn, my family, music, art, good food, and the nice people here who fuel my faith in humanity every day. :wink:


Hey @Amaris! I feel the exact same way. I think about these things so often. I have so much love for everything in the world, even the hard times and the sad things. The amount of love I have is overwhelming and frustrating sometimes but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Hold on tight to this feeling, friend. Much love. :heart:


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