I feel so empty

Um… Hello. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I’m 27. 5 years ago I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder/panic attacks and depression. Sometimes it was worse, sometimes it was better, but today I just can’t handle it. Everyday I wake up at 3pm and all I do is crying/doing nothing/going back to sleep. At evenings I try my best to orginize the next day so I don’t waste any more time. And guess what. Nothing changes. It gets worse everyday. My medications seem not to work. Sometimes I feel anxious, sometimes guilty for what my life looks like. Sometimes I just feel empty. I just don’t know what to do anymore…

I’ve been there. I been empty. Don’t look to fill that void through connecting with others. Do this after you find the strength to cope with the emptiness by yourself. I only suggest this because most people end up dependent on others and others aren’t always dependable. You need to push yourself into activity. I find when I push myself to do something even when I feel unable or uninterested that in the end when I accomplish it that I find some satisfaction. I want to point out if your medication isn’t working you need to point this out to the doctor handling your meds. Tell them how you feel, how long and you want to try to fix this. I’ve no clue if you tried other medications or not. Yet if you haven’t & the doctor is telling you there aren’t other options then you need to get a second opinion because there are always options. The change you’re looking for won’t happen unless you step towards making this change happen. #nevergiveup #neversurrender

And this is my problem… I feel so dependent on others. Whenever I’m left alone it’s getting worse. I feel anxious, jealous, sad and always getting so emotional when it comes to relationshops. It makes me feel worse and worse.

You said it yourself. It makes me feel worse and worse. Be the person you want others to be for you. #BeTheLight You’ll find the strength you seek and likely someone that be what you need. Your worth is from yourself. What you get from others is just an added benefit. In otherwords, at the end of the day if you don’t value yourself then being valued by others won’t matter in the long run. You need to be your own best friend before you can be friends with others. Like I said I been there myself and done similar as you, but when I started looking into myself and realized that the problem stem from me. I realized also the solution to the problem also stem from me. It is all from our perspective in life. If you see yourself as beyond help than you’ll be helpless. Change that perspective and you’ll find an answer to the questions you’ve asked. A solution to the problems you have.

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