I feel stuck, isolated and lonely

It’s been so hard for me this year. I feel like I’m losing my friends and my family is burdened by my problems. I went from public school to online school this year so I’m barley getting to my see any of my friends which sucks because I’ve went through toxic friendships and friendships where people change. I really only have two now besides online friends. I’m really hoping to go to a youth group with one of them if my parents let me. And the good news is I started an anime/comics fan page with one of them so we can still keep in touch with him well because of that. Just the fact I can barley see any of my few friends anymore is awful. My family is very supportive through this but it’s so hard for us now with their jobs, mental health, and my sister at college. I just think if I went full throttle with my thoughts it would make them feel worse and not at full potenial to help. They help me already but the fact I dont get to see friends, not much of a social life and some ideation I have (the idea of suicide runs through my head but I’m not going to apply it. It’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem AND it would hurt them so much and so many others) would make them burdened and not at full potential to help. I already feel bad with opening up with my emotions to my family, it makes me feel weird for some reason. I just need to see my friends and feel less isolated and lonely. I am seeing some bright side at the least. For instance in one of my online classes today we were divided into groups on webcam and one guy who’s really good in class got kicked offline and nobody was talking so I stepped up and helped my group. So there’s some thing positive. But at the end of the day I feel like another day has gone by of me doing schoolwork, helping my friends who don’t ask me how I feel in return, and me being stuck in my head all day in my house. I just want to go to a new school to where I can make new and better friends, make good grades , my family to get better, and study mental health or start a metal band. It’s just I dont see where this gets better. I know it will but my future feels clouded and right now I’m so lonely. The only thing I’m looking forward to next year that’s in sight is a of mice and men concert but depending on the venue i can’t go if it’s a bar. So yeah that’s what my life feels like right now. I need help.

@Walkerburnsred I really hope this all get figured out. We all need time with our friends. I am glad you you have a strong heart and mind and agree suicide will never be the answer. You are so awesome for being strong.

Always be honest with your family. Tell them how you are feeling that is what parents are for. They have way more advice than you think they do. I am 30 and I am still learning from my mom and dad.

Glad school is going well HECK YEAH :VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE:!

Thank you for sharing everything that is going on right now. Things will change in time. have patience and things will change it may not happen over night but it will come.

You are loved

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Do you have a pet or is it possible to obtain a pet?

Otherwise I suggest finding something to do when you’re not online.

Personally I read alot, I also watch shows/movies, draw, write & listen to music. Sometimes I walk, I go to church (even though I’m a Pagan/Agnostic) & I hit the gym regularly. Distraction is a good tool to use to cope with Depression/Loneliness.

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