I feel stuck, my options are limited

My options are limited for job searching I don’t know what to do. I can’t keep working at my current job because it’s soul sucking and might not pay enough for me to live on my own. I am not sure what to do but do what I can but I just want to give up and disappear.


Hey @BlackCatAnnie

Job searches are hard!!! I have just finished with one and it was a several month process. Keep looking. I believe you will find something more fitting eventually. I also just recently left a job because it was negatively affecting my mental health. I am proud of you for recognizing your own needs and pursuing them. That is awesome and you are brave for sure.

What I can say though is that this struggle won’t last forever. You are just in a rough season and seasons change. Your life matters and you are loved more than you know. You are worthy of happiness. Keep going after it.

Hold fast. I believe in you

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Sarah


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