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I feel stupid for being so used

I’ve always been nice, well I hope so. I have occasional sarcastic jokes but other than that I’m the type that spends hours in soup kitchens feeding the homeless and couldn’t hurt a fly. This realization makes me wonder if that’s true. I realized that all my friends are using me for free rides, concerts, shopping sprees etc. I’m not rich I just work hard and give so much up for them. I feel so crushed by this realization and I’m considering suicide because I am going crazy. I just want someone to say “I want you in my life”.

First of all, I may not know you, but I don’t want you to hurt yourself!

You sound like a very loving, caring and giving person. As someone myself who has a big heart, I know how hard it can be to give so much of yourself to everyone and then feel used and taken advantage of.

I have learned over the years that it is important to set boundaries. And it IS OKAY to set those boundaries even with friends. It’s okay to ask for gas money if you are going to give rides. Gas and car maintenance is expensive. It’s okay to say NO and not always feel like it be available. It is okay to not do the things you aren’t comfortable with and is okay to say no to those who are just using you. We have to take care about who we invest our energy and time into. If we invest our giving heart to the wrong people, we can fall into a vicious dark cycle of depression and suicide ideation.

Be gentle with yourself my friend. It’s okay to be so giving and helping. But don’t give so much of yourself to people who don’t truly appreciate you or just want to take advantage of you.

Much love you my sweet friend

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Oh god I’m nearly crying. This really helped me. I noticed you have some topics a bit earlier than mine and even though I’m bad at giving advice or similar I really hope you make it through them ok.

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Glad to help friend. My DM are always available. Here or the heart support discord. Which, if you don’t have , I can send you a link. Lots of people there.

And thank you! I don’t post often myself, but I was struggling with my emotions yesterday due to some things that happened in my neighborhood. I’m doing better today!

I hope the rest of your weekend goes better. Know that there is someone who cares. Even if we are perfect strangers


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Awww friend, I feel this so hard. When you love people so much and just want to help it’s so easy for others to take advantage of that. I’ve had to learn how to set boundaries and build friendships that aren’t one sided. I can tell you have such a beautiful heart and that is where you value lies. Your value is not in how much you do but how much you love. There are people in this world who will see that and treat you kindly. One place these people exist is this community. I encourage you to tell at least one person you are feeling this way and allow them to help you. You deserve to be helped. Don’t give up.


Thank you! You have a beautiful way with words.