I feel that can’t get close to females

I had again follow my ex friend on social medua. I don’t know if she know that I’m follow on Instagram. I feel like clingy guy, she probably think me as clingy and is probably just irritated with me. I block, because my therapist had told me to give her space. That she was not ready to talk to about our friendship. It been two mouths since then.

But I can’t help but fellow, I hope not doing anything bad. It kill me to she, however I’m stoke that she gotten better at skateboarding. When I lay bed at night, I just like see her picture. To have her be with me still, to she her face. Well now I’m sounding like a fucking creep. Maybe I am a freaking creep, god I’m clingy. I get a bad obsession, I need respect her wishing and let her go. But my heart still feels for her, I still think of her everyday . Please tell I’m not being a creep for this, I need to move, but I need these feelings for her out of my system, I feel follow kinda help with that.

I try to talk this other girl, she wanna to skate with me and was fan of my music. I text her yesterday, she was going through some shit. I try to be supportive and help her out. But then she got mad , that told I know what it like to through a mental health crisis. She told we should not be friends.

I just get hurt women, I wish maybe all would just leave me alone. I meant to be alone. I just don’t want to hurt by them anymore.


I know you’re still obsessed, but your tone is becoming more gentle and rational. There’s no telling how long it will take before you can move on, and I suspect you’ll keep on caring for her as long as you live. I still care for every woman who’s been in my life, even my ex who really tried hard to make me suffer. I think it’s like putting the pain in a separate “room” within the heart, where you know about it, and feel it when you think about it, but can also close the door so you can get on with your life.


Hi my friend,
thank you for sharing. for reaching out to us.
first of all, no one out there is meant to be alone. also you are not meant for being alone.
it might often feel that way, because of our feelings our emotions overwhelming us.
look upon your progress you have done over the past month. we all know how difficult our heart can be when
it comes to feelings like love, like liking someone more then usual. even harder it gets when we have to leave
one behind. and go on , focusing on ourselves. a mind is like a whirlwind that cycles downwards.
endless circles of toughts. endless draining, constantly putting down underneath.
love is the strongest force on earth. it can set you free but also it can make you question everything you do.
finding a way to overcome is hard. you done that pretty good with posting here constantly. i am proud of you.
writing let you go of your thoughts, a short relief of a moment.
try to see it from a outside point of view. look at yourself my friend. you are aware of what you do, what is
great. go easy on yourself and take on step a time.
you are walking on a familiar path, your journey of life. the obstacles you have overcome that far, remind you
of them. you are doing great.
take care of yourself first, always. you are most important, you matter most !
you are loved and you will do great. feel hugged my friend :purple_heart:

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From: twixremix

hi metal!

felt like i haven’t replied to one of your posts in awhile so it’s good to hear from you again. i agree with wings that your tone is a positive shift into being more understanding and gentle. sometimes to find closure, you have to unfollow/block/delete those you need to find separation from. it’s necessary for you and her to move forward. the joy her picture may bring you in the moment only causes more hurt in your heart. would taking some time for yourself benefit your heart? time designed to focus on yourself and not pursuing a relationship with someone else? wishing you all the best in your journey, metal.


From: ManekiNeko

I know this hurt from your previous friend is still raw for you and experiencing a hurt so soon can feel like it’s rekindling the hurt that was still there or even magnifying it. My hope for you is to find the people who can support you and bring some genuine and good friendship. Even if it doesn’t look like a romantic relationship or if it’s some guys who have some quality characters who can help you heal and find your own worth. I keep seeing how well you keep progressing and how your using this platform as a first call of action to vent or get out those emotions, and I’m really proud of you for that

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From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi friend, thank you for posting, I would love to let you know first of all that not every woman is the same and out to hurt you, Also some people make decisions that hurt but for a good reason. Perhaps this new person had too much going on themselves and didnt think it was a healthy friendship to start with someone who also has issues? that may sound harsh from her but it would protect you both in the long run, maybe concentrating on yourself, your mental health and life would benefit an future friendships, not that you are doing anything wrong but because its important to know yourself before others can really get to know you. Dont give up on everyone, just take a break. Lisa x

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Hi Friend, I’m sorry this girl doesn’t want to be your friend, that sucks. I feel like taking a break from girls and just working on your broken heart might be a good idea. Not all girls are the same, so don’t give up. You matter! ~Mystrose

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hey there again :hrtlegolove: I’m sorry your new friendship didn’t work out. Sometimes when people have MH problems they don’t like being around others with them because they don’t feel like they can be supportive while needing support and other reasons like that. It probably has nothing to do with you or what you said to her. I want to make sure you know that.

Did your cruise that you mentioned already happen or was the ticket for a cruise further in the future? I hope if it happened you had a fabulous time and if it hasn’t yet then I hope you still plan to go and to enjoy the time alone. Remember that you can 100% be your own best friend and enjoy life by yourself and I truly think it would be the best thing for you to do for a while. You are worth being loved, especially by yourself. Stay strong :hrtlegolove:

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You aren’t meant to be alone; you are meant to have close connections and people that you can rely on. However, these connections can take time to build.

I understand that this breakup was such a challenging experience and can imagine how it could lead to become obsessed, blame your ex, etc. With that said, it takes time to move on from things like this and only you can truly decide what’s best for your recovery. I generally believe that following this ex on social media is unlikely to make you feel any better as it will serve as a frequent reminder of this, but this may be a good topic to bring up with your therapist to see what they think.

I’m sorry that this is still such a present situation on your mind and hope that you recover soon. Thank you for sharing with us and for being here.

<3 Tuna