From begus: I feel that I am too skinny. I have been working out for a while and nothing is changing.


Perhaps this is something you can bring up to your parents. Your father might be able to help you work out or give you some tips on how to gain some weight or bulk up a little bit safely. It might even be something you and your father could do together and enjoy. :slight_smile:


Hi begus,
thank you for reaching out. working out takes a lot of discipline and time to see changes, muscles are building up
slowly and you need to watch what your eating most of the time. nutritioning is the key when it comes to gain
weight and muscles. but it sounds wonderful that you have started and being active with that, continue that :purple_heart:
one step a time, you do great, you matter most and you are loved. feel hugged

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From begus: Does anyone know what workouts grow what

there are many things that you can do, the best would be you speak with a trainer or search a bit in the internet,
there are great videos or also guides for workouts. what is also important, that you have a training plan, also rest
days. its difficult to say in general. also to recommend its a bit hard, i am sure you will find great things out there.

Hi Begus,

It’s frustrating to feel like you’re putting in the work and not getting the results that you want to see. I’m in a similar position. I have been wanting to lose weight and have been stuck at the same weight for the past few months. One of the things that has really been helping me from getting discouraged is a “longer term view”. Instead of saying “I want to weigh X right now,” I’ve been telling myself, “Ten years from now, I want to be healthy.” One of my mentors says, “What you sew in this decade, you reap in the next.” And I’ve been telling myself that I’m SEWING - I am an athlete. And in 10 years, my body will represent that commitment. It takes pressure off the immediate results and helps me focus on the process. An athlete doesn’t quit, he keeps going. An athlete doesn’t get stay discouraged, he changes tactics, or asks for advice, or improves his training, or focuses his efforts. An athlete stays committed even when things are hard. It’s just a different mindset. And the truth is that the results will come if I stay the course. And it will for you too! Perhaps there’s a longer-term mindset you could attach to that would help you persevere through these short term discouragements.


From Rohini_868: Also keep in mind that as we grow up, our bodies also change. The teenager years sees a bit of change too. Maybe this is something you could talk to your parents about. there’s no one “right” or "good’ way to look either.

From Manni XP: (Reposting since the wall didn’t seem to want to show the edits)
Begus, I want to preface this by advising that I don’t claim to be an expert on this at all.
How long is a while for you? Building up musculature can take a lot of time.
If you’re sure that you’re doing the right exercises for your goal - at an appropriate frequency - then it may be worth considering your diet - specifically, your intake of bioavailable protein.
That said, from your other messages, you sound young. I strongly encourage you to ask your parents about checking with a physician.