I feel trapped between my head and my heart

My life has not been easy as everyone, I guess, I will be brief, I fell in love with another woman after two years of being married, I do not want to hurt either of them, so on occasions I have better preferred to take my life and not having to decide, I feel so confused and lost, I do not see a clear future with my wife, but I am uncertain of separating because there is someone else and not because really things do not work, I am sorry for my bad English, I am Ecuador, God help me!

Hi friend,

I can understand if you feel things won’t work out in your marriage, but friend, being open about your feelings is important. It’s not fair to yourself or to the other women to not be honest about it.
You should speak to your wife and tell her how you feel. Maybe do a trial separation for a little while to see if that’s really what you want to do.

But also remember this is a big decision. If you leave for something that turns out to be a fling and doesn’t work out, you’re risking hurting everyone including yourself and landing in a pile of regret.

So think it over and make sure it’s truly what you want. That it’s not just emotions getting the best of you in your struggle to find happiness in your marriage. If you’re sure your marriage can’t be repaired, then maybe it would be good to go your separate ways.

Honesty is always the better option. It’s scary and hard but it’s better than the alternative of lies and secrets and all the hurt that comes with it

Good luck to you

  • Kitty
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