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I feel unimportant

I have been in a relationship for a year with my boyfriend. He’s only ever posted a picture with me one time that has initially stayed put on his social media and that was last April. There’s been times where I found him flirting and texting with other girls. I feel like I don’t really know how to trust him since then and it breaks my heart… when I confronted him about it, he told me he was done with me and that I did it to myself by going through his phone… then the next day he cries in my lap and tells me he’s sorry but that he doesn’t want to talk about it and he would make it up to me… we move in our new house together and I’m pregnant… he never posts about me or the baby which makes me feel like I’m not good enough or he has a reason why he doesn’t want to but he will post memes and other things. He uses my phone because he doesn’t have one, & he uses Facebook beside me without a problem but when he’s on Snapchat he faces away from me as if so I can’t look at the screen while he types in his passcode or so I can see who’s on his snapchat messages, & it only makes me believe it’s because he’s talked to other females on there, complimenting their snaps, etc. I’m not sure what to think or what to even do anymore. I’m tired of hurting. His exes got a lot more attention than I do on social media, like he posted about them all the time but he never shows me off, ever. It makes me hate myself, & wonder why I’m not even good enough for him. I feel like I do my best and try my hardest to make him happy, but I’m just a hidden object. I’m tired of feeling this way, it hurts and especially being pregnant, I just don’t know how much more stress I can handle. :frowning:

Hi there Michelle23. I used to date people who I thought were wonderful and I tried hard to do everything right so they would love me. In the end, it turned out they were never going to love me the way I needed to be loved. For me. Just for who I was. Being pregnant puts you in an even more difficult spot, but you still don’t have to allow yourself to be treated in an unloving manner – even if sometimes he really sounds like he’s sorry for treating you that way. I raised my two girls alone after I got out of emotionally abusive relationships and then finally met the man who is now my husband when they were 5 and 8. I am much older than you I’m sure, but it really can be done. If he isn’t honoring you now, I can’t imagine that will change once the baby comes. You have options. Perhaps you need to seek some counseling and find out what options are available to you. Are there any adults in your life who can help you? Or do you have any other living situations available to you? I will pray that you find your way in this situation.