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I feel Unlovable

I feel like no one wants to date me and only girls that are not good for me like me, but I want a healthy girl in my life and non of those girls like me.

Having certain people not fall in love with you doesn’t make you unlovable! Love will take its time, it’ll delay, it’ll hide around corners - you never know when it’s going to jump out at you! Your biggest task while you wait, is to make sure you’re being your best you - the most kind, gracious, compassionate, loving person that you can be! Give yourself time in THAT process, and remember to love other people enough to let them be happy, too! Not everyone will love you, and that’s okay - love yourself, and love others, and let romantic love do its thing! You got this!


Hi friend. I think I saw your anon post as well. I’m glad that you decided to join the community and reach out. Welcome my friend.

I know how hard it can be to want companionship but not have anyone. I know the loneliness and frustration that it can cause when you can’t find the right person as quickly as you like.

It’s never what you want to hear, but it takes time. But just because you haven’t found someone yet, doesn’t mean that you aren’t lovable, friend. You are worthy of love. From others and yourself. You valued.

I have found in life that, even though I hurt and struggled in my loneliness, that waiting was worth it. Rushing into relationships due to loneliness never seemed to work out, but waiting it out lead me to someone I found happiness in.

What are some things that you enjoy? What are you passionate about? What makes you happy? It’s really good to focus on these things and try to find things you can do centered around those. You never know who you may meet in the mean time! :slight_smile:

Just remember. Even if you find someone and they don’t work out, doesn’t mean that you aren’t worth loving. Okay? You matter and we care.

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Thank you Paul, that means a lot, I just dont want to be single when im like 40 years old

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile: it means a lot to see you comment as well, I am focusing on myself and i am loved by all my friends and family but having companionship is so different and I like to have that connection and it gets lonely in my mind when I see my friends having someone and I dont yet, but I know God will bring me someone right for me, but I just dont want to wait a long long time for it but i know itll be worth it but its so hard


I totally understand my friend! I do. I feel that way when I see my friends simply moving forward in life and I feel like I’m idle. I fight with feeling bad about how old I am and still stuck in ways I don’t want to be. It took me a long time to step out from my comfort zone to get where I am now but it’s worth it.

Finding ways to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve goals that you’d like to have is a good way to get started. With little reasonable realistic goals to help get you there. Along the way relationships form. Both friendly and intimately. Those things come naturally as we work on other elements in our lives that we need to focus on.

I’m Kitty, I’m 34. Nice to meet you. I’m more than happy to extend you friendship.

What kinds of things do you like to do for fun and to relax? What games do you play if any? What shows do you watch? What streamers do you enjoy? And do you use discord? Maybe we share some things in common. I have found great friendship with a handful of people here. It’s been a huge boost to my spirit when I’m feeling alone.

Feel free to connect. I’m in the heart support discord. I may not be able to provide companionship in the form of a intimate relationship but I can certainly be a friend!

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Hi kitty, thank you so much, i know most of it is a mental mindset i go through off and on, but yes id like to talk if you want, maybe we do have stuff in common, hmu if you want my number is (770) 557-5554 or my instagram is connor_jlange

Im not on the heart support discord

I don’t really give my number out, at least not till better getting to know someone. I’m very private with that kind of information. But if you use discord at all, you’re welcome to add me on there. Instagram is fine too.

Discord and Twitter are probably the best forms of contact for me.

Hope you’re feeling better

Do agree with your opinion, only learn how to love ownself, then deserved to win other’s love.