I feel unwanted and depressed

lately I just feel like a fuck up. Out of place . I moved to a new town where my friends staying where he got me a new job. I fucked up on the first day and now I’m embarrassed and feel like everyone hates me. I don’t even want to get my check.
I’m constantly crying and I feel like a big baby . I feel out of place. I miss where I used to live…alone and supporting myself. I always feel this intense fear…I just want to run and every little mistake I make…I feel like a failure. I can’t calm down and I’m taking everything so personally. I want to cut everyone out. I don’t think I’m good for anything. I’m ready to quit and move again.

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I’m sorry that you are feeling this way. First, I think you need to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You’re in a new environment, taking new steps, a new job, new friends, etc. That is going to be hard on anyone. You may be like me, in the sense that I feel like I should know how to do everything. I hate being new, and not knowing how to do things, especially at jobs. People make mistakes. You aren’t the first to do so, and you won’t be the last. Take some deep breaths, find ways to relax yourself, and if crying makes you feel better, cry. There’s nothing wrong with crying at all. But just remind yourself that things will get better.


There is a lot of change happening at once in your life it sounds like. With change usually comes the sense of being overwhelmed and that can stir up all kinds of emotions, thoughts, and struggles. With all that though comes the possibility for growth and progress. Instead of giving up we try one more time. After a few bagillion ‘one more times’ we realize days, weeks, years have gone by. Change doesn’t have to be our enemy. It can be the fuel that motivates us beyond what we think we can do. It’s not about getting it right. It’s about learning and growing in the success and failure. There is always hope and no amount of change can take that away.


Hey brother. Is good to talk with you. Like I said before - people may continue to make you feel like you’re worthless and a fuck up, but if those are the only messages you’re getting about yourself from the people who know you - that ends today. You have more value than you even know. There is only ONE of you. There only ever was, and there only ever will be. There is no one else who is exactly like you, who can give your gifts to the world and make it a better place like only you can.

Hold fast today brother. Come on into this community. Email me your story like you said. Let me know what resources you need. We got you.


Hi Rosethorn,

My friend, please be kinder to yourself. You are saying so many horrible things about yourself, worse than I bet anyone else would ever say or think about you. You messed up on your first day at your job. It’s okay. Everyone messes up on their first day. On my first day at my job I messed up and awkwardly cried in front of my new boss. Be patient with yourself. I promise you your new job will get easier and who knows? Maybe you will end up loving it! And if you don’t you can always quit and find a better place.

Change is so so hard. And I know because I’m like the worst with change. I have cried on the first day of every job I have started. I also cried for days when I moved away for college. But I promise you it gets easier. Take one step at a time and remember that mistakes may happen but you can always learn from them and grow. Hold fast!



I know that change can be so so hard, and when you have a lot of change at once it can be so overwhelming. I know what it is like to want to be self-sufficient and then being hard on myself when I feel like a failure. I know it is a challenge, but we are here to listen and help in anyway we can. I know that when I share what is going on with people it helps me feel better. We are here for you.



What you are feeling is okay. I wasn’t good on my first job years ago. You will get better. Once you become a better worker, others want to work with you and ask you for help. Hang in there.

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Hey there!!
First off, I want to say thank you for being brave, and open, and sharing your struggle!! I also want to say that I’m sorry you’re dealing with it all, but I also want you to know that you CAN get through this.
Change is so hard, being in a new place, with a new job, things are bound to be shaky and uneasy at first, but it doesn’t mean you are “a fuck up” or are doing anything wrong!! It just means that you’re doing something new. Something uncharted. You’re not messed up, or unwanted, it just means you’re growing at something you are unfamiliar with, in a place that’s unfamiliar for you.
I want you to be encouraged, which I know is so hard to do during struggle, but the most important thing you must realize is- our struggles have a shelf life!! This too SHALL pass, and when it does, and you’ve overcome these feelings of despair, you will be able to offering hope to others who might not have any. Just as you feel now, you’ll be able to reach into that darkness and pull someone else into light!! You are not a fuck up, you are not unwanted!! You matter, you are important, and you are wanted!! We want you!! I want you!! I’d love to be your friend!! Please do not shut yourself away from others, isolation will only make things worse. I think you’re incredibly strong for being able to open up about these issues, and I think that same strength and bravery will help you get through these trials. Just don’t lose hope, and don’t lose sight of the marvelous gift that is you!! You are a gift to others. You being here is a gift. Your story, your past, the things you’ve overcome are gifts for others- a survival guide to help others through similar circumstances and pain.

I just want you to know that you can always come here, you are welcome and wanted. You matter. You are important, and you are loved.