I feel useless for being jobless

hello !
for these past two month i really feel useless and hopeless . i have been trying to find a job and yet still no luck. im worried on how to feed my cats and bills. i wish i am not like this


I have been in the exact same position a few years ago and maybe i will be jobless in a few months since i hate my toxic job, anywaysssss It can feel hopeless and discouraging but my best advice to you is not to dwell in self doubt. During this time work on your CV & cover letter and look for jobs that interest you and apply like crazy! Brush up on your interview skills too. Also if you can, try taking up a new free skill online.I am sure some amazing opportunity will arise soon.
Will be praying for you.

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I’ve been unemployed a few times. Growing up around Detroit, there were times when the auto companies would lay off thousands. Then the local economies would collapse, and a lot of people became unemployed. I did figure out though, that the majority of those who were jobless, gave up and stopped looking for work. That was unfortunate for them, but it worked to my advantage. When others stopped looking, that left jobs available to those who were persistent enough to find them.

I don’t know what the economic situation is where you are, but Covid 19 has caused a great deal of imbalance in the job market, often leading to unexpected job openings. When unemployed, your job is to find a job, which means putting is much time into the job search as you would normally put into a full-time job. It’s kind of a numbers game, or working the law of averages to your benefit. If on the average, there is one job opening for every couple thousand people, that’s the number of employers that need to be contacted.

That kind of job search takes a massive effort, and is not for the faint of heart. I can’t say for sure what will happen for you, but that kind of approach always worked for me. In fact, sometimes I was the only guy working in the neighborhood.

Check with friends, relatives, people from where you used to work, and classmates, if you are still in touch with them. Ask employers if they mind having you check back with them once in a while. I went to one place half a dozen times before they hired me.

Does your location offer a state employment agency or service? Are there house or pet sitting opportunities where you are? Can you provide care services for the elderly or sit with patients who have dementia? Nursing homes usually have openings for CNA’s.

Consider jobs you haven’t thought about before. Sometimes adversity and unemployment leads us to our calling.

Wishing you well, and please stay in touch, Wings


Hi Friend,
welcome to Heart Support and thank you for sharing your struggles.
i feel sorry to hear that. being unemployed can affect you in many ways, having less motivation, no drive,
struggling with self worth and emptiness, feeling numb. i went through that also twice in my life. the first time
was quite good but after i while i was bored to death.
finding a new job also is quite difficult, especially in times like we are having right now. give it time.
be sure, you will find your job, something you want and also what you like to do. put in the effort that is needed
and you will be rewarded.
try to connect with people on it, friends and family. everything will come to pieces.
you are worth it, and you deserve that. take one step a time. keep us updated and come back anytime you
like. you are loved and feel hugged. :purple_heart:

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