I feel vindicated even though it may be wrong

I found out a few days ago that the younger brother of my ex girlfriend passed away of a heart attack he was only 24 years old. I never had any issues with him personally and I had very little interactions with him but I just feel vindicated because her especially her family and father caused me a lot of pain and suffering and trauma because of their racism, xenophobia and intolerance towards me as a whole and I’m a Christian and I have forgiven and forgotten about them but this recent event shocked me because of the sudden death and the fact someone was taken away from that family that hated me for no reason other than the fact what my ethnicity, social status and where I’m from. Again I feel God is punishing them for what they’ve done to me.


I’m really sorry you’ve been deeply hurt, it’s not easy to go through trauma and walk away knowing that the people who hurt you haven’t experienced that kind of hurt and don’t understand the hurt they’re causing.
I hope you can continue healing and I hope there are people in your life who celebrate who you are every but you deserve.


Hi ranma,
thank you for sharing. i am sorry to hear about the loss, the hurt you experienced.
its never easy to see someone is gone, even i would assume in the way that you are dealing with it right now.
it is always hard to find the right acceptance, when people don’t have the same religion, opinion or anything
else. you don’t deserve all of that.
you will grow higher in your life, with the way you live it, as most of the people do. you are loved my friend.
you matter most ! i hope you heal from now on, and find a better tomorrow for you. with the beauty that
this life has to offer. feel hugged :purple_heart:


Thank you very much I appreciate your kind words thank you

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I’m sorry to hear about this situation, and the hurt it’s caused you.

I think that forgiving and forgetting was the best decision you could have made. I hope that you can continue to strive forward, away from your ex and the pain she and her family have caused you.

Take care of yourself, friend.

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Thank You I appreciate it

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Of course, wishing you the best.

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