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I feel weird but in a good way kind of way

I was going to apologize for making this post orginally because somewhere inside me I felt bad for coming here to post good things that happen to me. Especially when others are not feeling their best. Also because I feel like I’m going to talk too much or that it would be annoying others to visit this place so often and not have anything super serious to talk about.

What I was going to say was I noticed a shift in my demeanor this week. I felt a little more comfortable making mistakes in public and I would just find it kind of funny whenever I accidentally tripped or something because I’m a clumsy. Also when I feel like I have something to say to my peers in class, I say it even if its just a super small thing.

Been laughing a lot, sometimes over the littlest things. I don’t know what changed or if it will get better or worse. I just feel okay right now. Content and not worrying about much. Sometimes I envy others for the relationship they have with others because I never really had much of a social life and I don’t flow well with my environment. But I am sort of happy for them in a way because I know I would be happy if I had those things too. I wouldn’t want anyone else to feel my lonliness or the pain that I had to go through.


Don’t apologise! It’s just as important to celebrate progress as it is to help others. We’re all so happy for you! This is wonderful news my man!! This place is a home. Talk about anything you want (within reason, of course!). You’re doing so well :green_heart:

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sounds like a happy brain moment!! Yippiee!!

We love hearing positive stories, and happy moments! Please always feel safe in sharing them here. They will actually inspire and offer comfort to others to see progress.

Thank you for this!


Hi Amaris.
That is some very good progress you have made. Really proud of you. :wink: There is nothing to apologise for. Things like this can be inspiering to others and it is great that you are sharing them. It is very nice to see that you are doing better. I hope things will continue like this for you. :slightly_smiling_face: