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I feel worthless as a mom

I am a mom of a 18 month old and cannot deal, I don’t have support of a father for him, he ghosted.
I feel like it never gets better, He has crises at the moment, endless crying , but no pain anywhere. and I can’t figure it out, I don’t know who to call or what to do. I’m afraid I’ll never be good at this. I make sure he is in a safe space to lose his marbles, and I stay close and talk to him. and I try to not make it worse. I just needed to let this out. I’m sure one day I will laugh again, feel like an adult again and feel loved again. For now it’s just a harder journey, as I am trying to pick myself up, and build a business and be a good mom. And I fear failure at every turn. so when things like this happen… I fall to pieces.

Hi there, I’m a mom of two and my youngest is about the same age. I have absolutely felt the same way you do now, but please know that it does get better and it will get easier. Toddlerhood is quite the rollercoaster ride, for you and for your tiny human. It’s all new to both of you. You are not a failure, quite the opposite. Keep your head up, love!:black_heart:

Thank you for your healing words. It’s good to know there are other parents here. I didn’t know where to turn and writing here was a bit of a last resort before a doctor, which I don’t love. Thank you for hearing me. As long as he’s safe, and healthy, Big bad feelings won’t hurt him too much, I guess, and I am right there. how did you get through these moments, did you have ways to cope?

No problem, @Aspen <3

I’ve honestly found that meditation has helped to bring back a center of balance for me. Practicing mindfulness is kind of awkward at first and takes a bit to get the hang of it, but it’s so great when you’re able to just be at peace, even for just a few moments. Also just taking some me-time at the end of the night after the kiddos go to bed. A bubblebath, watching my favorite show, eating my favorite snack, or even playing with my makeup…it’s the little things. Just keeping your mind distracted and in a positive place.

I also have some really bad anxiety, so a few books I picked up have helped a ton. If you’re interested in the names of any books or good meditation programs/apps, let me know. :slight_smile:

Believe me, you are a good Mom for one reason:
You seem to actually care about him, not just annoyed, but really care.
Believe me, there are worse Moms out there. I am one who is unfortunately
able to confirm that. Believe me, as long as you care, and for what is best for the
child, then you are a good parent, and a good mom
Situations don’t always suit what we need, that’s why we struggle.

I would love to know the books you read, the more I know the better I can help myself and him. I forget about meditation and that it’s a tool I have with me always. I will allow myself time to breathe. Thank you so much for taking the time.

Thank you Jason, I do care for him, and love him deeply. Sometimes as a parent it doesn’t seem enough.
Some healing words back to you; a person will only give what they can, even if we’d wish for more. The most beautiful people I know grew up in impossible situations, with a very huge lack in loving parents. <3

@Aspen Hold Fast. If you would like this drawing, please email me: [email protected]


Thank you, I hope your Child grows up without having to deal with too much of that Pain.