I fell in love and was dumped in a matter of hours

I went to volunteer at a music festival yesterday and met a girl. We seemed to click immediately, spent hours and hours talking away and laughing, learning about each other, just genuinely enjoying each other’s company. We ended up camping together, spent the night side by side, had amazing sex, and even got up early to watch the sunrise by a river bank while I held her close. It was like a shitty $2 romance novel come to life, and a truly magical night. Then came time for her to leave… she blocked me as soon as she was gone and now I’ll never know why. My heart can’t take this shit anymore.

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I’m sorry you went through that. Do you feel like you been taken advantage off by her?

I’m sorry. It would be so much easier for everyone if people could just be honest about their feelings, and intentions. Unfortunately, people aren’t always honest. It’s things like that that make it hard to trust, but you will find the right person and understand why all of this happened.

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Hey there,

Sorry to hear that that she blocked you and ghosted you after what happened. Its hard clicking with someone and getting positive feelings for someone and then they are gone without explanation, and that sucks. While i’m not going to make excuses for what she did, I don’t want to think that she carelessly ghosted you with no remorse. There could be a billion reasons that she left, and for whatever that reason is, that is something that she needs to work out herself. Sometimes people jump into things when they really shouldnt and they dont realize until its too late.

Keep searching for the right person, I know they are out there for you. And who knows, maybe if this person works out what they have going on in their life, maybe they will decide to contact you again and you two can work things out. Just have patience.

Hope this helps,