I Fell In Love With Him

I saw a picture today on google that says, “You never know how much you love someone until they are in love with somebody else.” I kinda nodded my head and I was like yeah that’s kinda edgy but alright. And I went on with my day. What I didn’t expect was what came next.

The message that anyone dreads to hear, I’m with someone/dating someone else or something along those lines. Now sure we weren’t “together” persay but we might as well have been or so I thought.

I had plans to go to see this person, spend a week with them, travel around and go and see new things. But the harsh reality is, now he’s going to be doing that with her.

This is someone I’ve known for going on a year and a half now. But especially these past about 4 months we’ve really reconnected. Built a relationship. Got close. And well I fell in love. I knew I had, but I tried to hide it. I wanted to give it time. But now knowing he’s in love with someone else brings out all the love I had for him.

And my response to his message was you’re lying right. My hope deep down was that he was lying. But he wasn’t. He’s in love with someone else. The guy I’ve spent hours upon hours watching movies with, laughing with, crying with, the person who got me through the darkest time of my life, well now he’s got someone else to do that for.

As for me, well I’m back on my own. I’ve always said if you can’t be happy with me be happy without me, and well I guess I’ve got to let him go. But that hope deep down is he’ll come back… but if he doesn’t… idk… idk if I’ll make it long enough to see him come back.

I love you :heart:

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Hi, Monkey

I’m so sorry that someone you cared for so deeply wasn’t able to return those same feelings back. That is never easy.

When you spend so much time with someone and build that relationship and those feelings, it’s never easy to suddenly hear that feelings weren’t there and then to be expected to just stop feeling how you do.

I know the feeling of feeling replaceable. Or not being good enough. I know the pain of sharing something with someone and then them turning around and turning to someone else and leaving me in the dust. And I’m sorry that you’re having to deal with that.

There’s no right answer on how to handle it other than what is best for you. Even if it’s hard, to take a step back so you can process everything and get through it. Which isn’t always easy if you are still talking to the person. I don’t mean stop talking entirely. But at least give yourself time to heal and work through the feelings you have. They don’t go away over night.

So be sure to spend time with friends and loved ones. Be gentle with yourself and do things that you enjoy and find happiness in. I know when you’re hurting, happiness is harder to find, but even if only temporarily, find the things that make you feel good while you get through this. Find people that make you laugh. People you trust that you can share your feelings with.

It’s hard now, but give it a little bit and it’ll start to get better. You are so loved my friend. I know things didn’t work out this time. But you deserve to be loved, appreciated and cared for. I hope you know that. This person may not have been the one to show you that but there are people here who care and want to support and encourage you.

So much love to you

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I’m so stupid. I mean he told me we were just friends. That he didn’t want anything more. But a girl can dream right. I told him that day after day. But never did I think for a second that he was looking for someone else the entire time. Does heart break last forever? Will I ever be okay? The shows I watched with him I’ll never be able to watch again. The things we talked about and did if I try to do those things I’ll only think of him.

I love him. I’d do anything in the world for him. But he loves someone else. And is telling another girl these words exactly.

Aww. I’m glad that he was at least honest with you. You know? Rather than leading you on or making you think he was up for something when he wasn’t.

That’s hard. I had feelings for my best friend and he originally told me that he cared for me and didn’t want our friendship to get damaged. That he would try to help me get through those emotions. He didn’t want to hurt me. But he didn’t want to lose our friendship either. So he tried to be open to my feelings and also gentle with them. But he couldn’t share the feelings I had.

It’s hard. When you have feelings for someone that can’t give them back for whatever reason. Some day you may be able to enjoy those things again.

You are NOT stupid. You’re a human with feelings. You just need time and space to work through them.

It still sucks though and I’m sorry. I’ve been there and know how crushing it is. Nothing I say will heal that for you or make it better, but, at the very least you have a friend who cares for you and is willing to listen.

My inbox is always open to you. I may not always know exactly what to say, but I’m still willing to be a safe place for you and be there to remind you that someone loves you and values you