I finally finished something

I have been writing a book, my story of addiction and struggle, and i think it is finally finished.
A couple of months ago I came to a point with it where I felt like I ran out of words, but like something is still missing. every time I sat down to write, my mind went blank and I couldn’t think of anything.
I had in mind how i want to end it, but needed to wait for that to happen…it did not happen (yet).
Lat night I finally found what I needed…and I think I am done now.

I cannot really make myself read it all the way through, but I do not think it is horrible to be honest.

Writing this book was like therapy for me. I was able to find closure in so many ways and learned so much along the way.

I just have no idea what to do with it now. I would love to publish it, but I feel like it still needs a lot of help to be ready.

I am dreaming of the day where i hold my own book in my hands…
Maybe that will never happen, but maybe it will…


I’m sure it will happen F. Just keep your head up and your eyes on the horizon, your day is coming.

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Congratulations on writing your first book, @fiji! What a great accomplishment!

I also wrote myself a book, although mine is fictional. Eighty thousand words, and boy was it a labor of love.

Some suggestions for when you’re ready: If you are comfortable enough with someone reading it, you could always hire an editor. Depending on how long it is, it might not be cheap but they will help to fix any errors and let you know if there’s something that needs to be elaborated on. You could also have a friend or family member help you with this. Most published authors won’t read a book that’s not published because they don’t want to take the chance on being accused of stealing content. An editor is your best bet.

Also, you can always get your book self published. There are several companies that will publish any book per order, and you can set the price to make as much or as little per book as you want. Some of them require paperwork to prove it’s your book (I have no idea how that works) but some of them don’t. The only thing about self publishing is that you are unlikely to sell as many as you would sell at a major publisher, but self publishing also doesn’t require sending it in to a publisher where you take the chance of it being rejected. I never planned on publishing mine to be read by anyone, but I did want to be able to hold it in my hands, so I edited mine myself and had a couple of copies made, just for me.

Again, congratulations! Writing a book is hard and I hope you’re proud of yourself.

~Daisy :hearts:


Thank you!

I’ll give it to close friends to read and I’ll see where it takes me :slight_smile:



Wow, that’s so awesome! Writing a book is a serious exercise, especially when it’s about such intimate things. So glad to hear the effects it had on you by the way. When you put your heart and soul in something you create, it can be only “good” because it comes from you. :heart: And I bet it’s gonna be inspiring to your readers. The rest is only about structure/specific requirements etc.

But again, that’s just awesome. Congratulations!

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Thank you!
I appreciate it.

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I’m so proud of you! Definitely try to publish it. It could be such a help to others in your situation. Please don’t give up that dream. You are incredible for even coming this far! Don’t give up!


I really wish I can publish it one day…
Right now I don’t know what to do next, but I’m glad I finished it.


As you should be. But don’t settle for just glad. Beat the hell out of those dreams until you achieve them.

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