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I finally picked a day

I have till valentines, cant do another alone.

You are not alone anymore, you have us. Who cares if there´s no one to smother you in hugs or kisses on stupid Valentines day. Pshhhhh who needs love when you have friends like me who are willing to do anything to keep you here, alive and cared for? Dont give up. Life is too beautiful to give up without trying.

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Hey @Throwaway123

You are loved.

Please don’t stay alone with those thoughts. Try to talk about it with someone you trust and makes you feel safe. Or consider calling a crisis hotline:

Even if you picked a day nothing is written already. You don’t have to act according to that.
We already talked together on an other post and I hear your pain friend. I’m concerned by your own safety and well-being.

We both don’t know what we’re gonna live in the future. But what we know is that what you’re experiencing right now isn’t gonna be the same in a month or a year. The reasons why you’re hurting can change. It can get better. But for that, you have the right to ask for help. Whether it’s here, with friends or family or a therapist. There are people willing to help, people who sincerely care about you, but we need you for that. You don’t have to deal with all of this just by yourself. We’re so many on this earth, the least we could do is to help each other when we’re struggling, right?

Hang in there friend. You matter. We want you to be here after valentines and every other day after that. :heart:

I know this might sound cliche but there are people out there that care about you especially here at Heartsupport. You matter. You may not have someone today but that doesn’t mean you may not have someone tomorrow. As @confused.04 mentions just because you don’t have someone to be with you have friends here that care and want to see you alive myself included. I also am encouraging you to reach out to the resources that @Micro provided. They can get you connected to various resources and let you know that you are not struggling alone. Please keep holding on and keep hanging in there because you matter and you are not alone in this fight.

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Sorry @mufcninja, but I’m done.

Hey @Throwaway123,

You aren’t alone. People care about you. We care about you. I want to see you alive. We all do. You are loved. Please stay with us. Life is worth living. Please don’t give up. Keep holding on. It will get better.

I hope you do reach out using the resources @Micro provided. You matter to me. You matter to all of us.

If I carry on it’s just more suffering I’ve had a decade of treatment

Life can be so hard but at the same time it can be beautiful, so please dont stop fighting for you :raised_hands: It will get better​:raised_hands:

Its never ending, I gave up long ago and im sorry