I finally told someone abbout my parents abusing me

I finally told my therapist about my parents abusing me I just got home from school ( I go to a therapeutic school pprgam ) I haven’t said anything about my brother sexually abusing me I was scared, right now im just hiding from my parents because if they find out there much stronger then me and I don’t want anything to happend hopefully I find somewhere safe right now I’m just scared


Try staying with a friend or going to the police.

I don’t have any friends to stay with and I can’t go to the police

can i ask why you aren’t able to go to the police?

if you can’t go to the police out of fear or anything like that then the fire station is always a great alternative. they’re much friendlier and i’m 90% sure they take in anybody needing immediate safety/shelter from what i know. but you could still always call them and ask if you’re unsure

Right now in the moment when my parents are home I can’t because they will scream and cuss me out if I try to leave the house and I’m scared of them

hey. are they still there with you? you okay?

hey friend, are you safe now? Are you alright?

Please respond… we’re worried about you.