I Forgave My Ex Fiancee For Leaving Me

Even though its been 4 years since my fiancee left me because of the drama of what my stalker did to me I don’t really blame her because of her upbringing, she didn’t have a mother her mother passed away when she was 3 and stepmothers that her father married didn’t really love her or accept her as being a daughter and sexual and physical abuse she had as a child she had a lot of underlining issues that I wasn’t aware of until they manifested when our relationship was put to the test and sadly she didn’t past it because she was too weak mentally and too immature to deal with it. I hated her for many years when she left me because i flt abandoned by her because more than anything she was my best friend more than my future wife. I am sorry for how things turned out and I wish I could go back in time and correct them but I can’t all I can do is move forward and wish her the best in her life.

This isn’t her picture but this is how she looks or how I should say how I remember her by. 4hsrkuo

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Hey Ramna
It’s good that you have worked past this and have come to an understanding. I hope that maybe if you EX allows and you want that you can help with work through the trauma in her life and grow. I’m proud of you and I hope you are and to grow more and help others.

Hold Fast, You got this.

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