I found my way back :)

I feel lucky. I got back to this place. I couldn’t be here. I couldn’t get on the site. So I tried another mental health forum. 0/10. It could be helpful, but this place feels like they care. So many people were on the other site. Solving issues was a routine. But here, the words feel special. I feel lucky I got back here just for a moment. I’ll draft something so I can say whats happening so I can send it next time. But this is just to let you know I’m alive. Even after I nearly drowned myself on purpose in a bathtub.


i’m happy to see you @Swix .


Hey Swix,

I am so glad that you found your way back to HeartSupport. This is a really special place! Thank you for checking in. I look forward to your update.

You are valid. You are enough. You are enough. You are strong. You matter.

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hi Swix. I am glad you are back :slightly_smiling_face:. I hope things are better then they were but if not we are always here to hear you out. Take care friend.


Thank you for being here, showing up and for wanting to share life updates with this community. We care about you and you are so very loved. I’m grateful for your presence and for you. :hrtlegolove:


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