I Found Out Costochondritis is Causing Me Discomfort

My Costochondritis flared up again I wasn’t able to eat my salad with my dinner. I found out that’s what I have its a condition that makes the cartilage of the breastbone inflammated and I feel a lot of discomfort. I believe ever since last week when I also choked on my food I am scared of eating because I don’t want to choke again. I feel because of my high stress and anxiety I tend to eat fast and don’t chew my food properly and it doesn’t help with the costochondritis.

Its the second time it happens and I feel like crap and my mother doesn’t help she says its sugar and soda causing it. Like I told her I don’t eat sugar or soda as she says I do. But I get mad at her because she doesn’t help with the situation. I hope the ginger and resting helps.

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Much Love And Good Health To You My Friend!

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Thank You very much Augustus