I freaked out

Yesterday I panicked when my car didn’t turn on I thought the worst, my mom has been paranoid about our neighbors doing something to our car. I called road service and they came with jumper cables and the car started. I took my car to AutoZone and the mechanic said the battery was okay but he said we should start the pig every now and then to keep the car from losing power. I don’t like getting upset at my mom but she does put me on edge for trivial things.

I’d like to think that no one is tailing you and making attempts on your life, but if the last 3 weeks have shown us anything it’s that people get plain nasty when their ideals are threatened. It blows that you live on edge, whether the monsters are real or imaginary.

That said, you’re doing good work trying to affect change. If you are making people uncomfortable or upset, particularly strangers, then you’re on to something big. Keep up your good work, and don’t back down in the face of threats. Maybe research some advanced security and detection methods if you’re worried for your safety.

For what it’s worth, I’m half Hispanic, and I am so glad someone is trying to better the Hispanic community. I was blessed with a white complexion and all the privilege it brings, but I have relatives who aren’t so lucky, and my written name has caused me issues before. I’m not blind to the issues the community is up against, but I can only do so much. Thank you for the work you’re doing and the passion you’re bringing to it!

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Hey @ranma1983, thanks for posting. Overall it sounds like it was okay in the end, just having to make sure you start your car once in a while especially if it just sits there for weeks at a time. I think that you can see that the situation was fine and you have all the facts of what actually happened to the car. It’s hard to live with someone who is paranoid but if you can try and think logically and see the situation from all angles first before making a decision. With how 2020 turned out, it can be easy to be on edge and assume the worse in people. Try not to let your mom’s paranoia dictate how you feel, like okay mom, I’ll take what you said into consideration but since our neighbors haven’t done anything to us to warrant this kind of distrust I am going to assume it’s something else. I don’t know the entire context of your story, so maybe I am not hitting the nail on the head. Good luck! When you start panicking and feeling overwhelmed, try some breathing exercising to calm down. Get a clear head and like I said try to look at your situations from all sides.

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