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I get panic attacks. :cry: college gives me terrible anxiety


I can see why college would give you terrible anxiety. All the deadlines, social pressure and all the other stuff that comes with college life. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried breathing techniques but one thing that we don’t realize is that when we are having anxiety, our breathing becomes very shallow. This actually makes the anxiety get worse. So, slow deep breaths will most of the time, help you calm down. There are lots of other ways to cope with anxiety, but this seems to work for me pretty good. You matter!

Yeah - the constant fear of failure, the pressure to perform, the feeling that you’re always ONE MISTAKE AWAY from ruining it all, in front of everyone. Plus this perception that everyone around you, everyone else has it all figured out, but you don’t. That they can handle it all, and you’re the imposter, the fraud, that you don’t deserve to be here.

These kinds of thoughts feel like daily, recurring reminders…can’t escape from it - even when you do well, because you’re only secure until the next assignment, the next test, the next class. And then the “prove yourself” starts all over again.

It is a terrifying feeling to always be on the chopping block.

I get the same way. Just recently I was in the respiratory care program and just failed. However, even though I was panicking and feeling high levels of pressure it kind of felt nice. From experience, it just shows how much you want to make an impact on your life and to want to be a part of helping others if they asked. Believe me when I say I have hit every single roadblock imaginable, but I promise the feeling of knowing you made it though and endured these feelings is far greater. Even if you fail a class, try to see the positives in the negative situation. Everything we do is a learning opportunity. Just because someone else in class may understand certain concepts better than you just remember that they may not know how to do something that you know. We all have to be new at something at some point or another. These feelings of uneasiness should remind you that you did work hard on your studies. Do not let these feelings discourage you or second guess yourself. Remind yourself that you did study hard and you know the information. I know that may sound easier said than done but it does get easier over time. If these feelings get the better of you then that’s ok. This is a moment to learn from not to be fearful. Continue to be great and if you fall down then get back up and try again. Don’t worry I am always falling down, but I am always getting back up and willing to try again. You are smart, you are great and you did study hard for your assignments. Always remember that and take time to reflect on the times that don’t go as planned. There is always learning opportunities in everything we do and that’s the beauty of this world. We learn from challenge and change. Hang in there you will find your groove.

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