I get the lyrics and what lts saying but self love

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Belongs to: Therapist reacts to Top 10 staTues tHat CriEd bloOdSong by Bring Me the Horizon
I get the lyrics and what lts saying. But self love seems like an impossibility to me. I’ve been forced from childhood to only think and feel negativity about myself. Like major bullying at school and at home. Aswell as sexual abuse,then physical abuse in my adult relationships. And I don’t know how you erase a lifetime if that. I am the only 1 who has gotten myself out of these deep dark feelings, and BMTH have helped so much over the last 5 years since I found them. Getting my 1st BMTH tattoo on the 22nd,day after my birthday. But there’s having to help yourself and there’s loving yourself. And I’ve tried Therapy. And it just feels like it makes you think about it more. I have PTSD from childhood abuse, so my therapist thought group therapy was a good idea. That went really pair shaped. Long story. But they made a huge mistake. But the days when other members were talking and I could help them,it felt Great. But it also felt like adding trauma every single week. So on day I felt ok,I’d leave feeling it all when I didn’t need to. So there is only you that can fix you. loving yourself is totally different right. Or am I missing something.
Your excitement for this band is me. Love live this album. And I’m so happy for Oli that he’s healing.

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Thank you so much for sharing these parts of your story here and your experience with therapy so far. You’re asking some really great questions here, and I wanted to reply to you with some personal thoughts through a voice message here: I get the lyrics and what lts saying but self love - Social Media / Support - YouTube - heartsupport - 17 June 2024 | Loom - Hold Fast. :heart:

@@HeartSupport hi. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to me. That’s so kind of you. :heartpulse: You have a lovely voice, so Very kind and genuine. I tried to reply using the app,but had difficulties downloading it for some reason. All the pages came up blank for syncing. My time in councilling actually ran out. But what you said made way more sense than anything in my time in councilling. It may be different in the UK. It’s hard to explain, but they don’t really give any advice, they just encourage you to talk. And then ask you, “and how does that make you feel”. Which is a very ridiculous question if you ask me. Lol. Maybe I have higher expectations for what councilling should be. I dunno. But I’ve tried it a few times and just felt more frustrated than it helpful.
Anyway. I’m rambling on. I just wanted to say, thank you so so much :heartpulse: you don’t know how much I appreciate your lovely msg. I will absolutely give it a try. Much love and healing to you Also. The sweetest and kindest person on the internet :heart:
I have saved your msg to use as a reminder when I’m having a difficult time. :heart: Very calming and reassuring. :heart:

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