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I give up on trying to speak to people

University have been my first time of me trying to talk to people and it went so wrong that now I dont think anyone from my class want to talk to me anymore and I understand it but it really hurt. So from now on I wont try to talk to them anymore and I will only put attention to the class . My classmates are better and happier without me talking to them, so I wont bother anyone of them more. I tried so hard for nothing. Is better if I dont speak and with that I dont make mistakes that can get people sad or angry. I am not a good person at the end so better if I isolated myself like I was before.

Its not healthy to isolate yourself from everyone. Yeah, at college that WILL happen, people will ignore you, its because they are focused on work (and some are selfish and don’t really care). But, you haven’t met EVERYONE in that University, try something new, get into sports, you make friends through lots of activities and things. When you are assigned to a group, try to act as positive as you can. Don’t give up because their reaction was negative towards you, Try again, over, and over, until you accomplish that friendship or relationship. I have a tough time in school as well, and nobody wants to talk to me either, but I talk to them and try to make a conversation as much as possible. I believe in you Maisnow! be different!

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