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I got fired today


I’m not even sad. It’s a giant weight off my shoulders to not have to deal with the nit picking and poor attitudes from my coworkers and upper management. Actually, I’m quite happy with being released from duty. I was harassed by a customer who had put their mouth to my neck, when I told my bosses they said it was my fault for smoking a cigarette where I had been. I had knee surgery in December and returned to work at 12 weeks post OP, and been put back into my assistant position only to have the other housekeepers look down their noses at me and say hurtful things behind my back. I was accused of being on drugs, and was told many complaints had been lodged against me from customers while I worked the desk. I feel so free. I feel like nothing is stopping me from moving on to my next life goal. I am happy.



I’m sorry you went through that. Are you sure you are happy about getting fired? Getting fired is not good. Why didn’t you quit? You don’t deserve the miss treatment you got. I hope you will accomplish many goals in your life. God bless you.


@AnonCookie It sounds like this was a weight off your shoulders and a much needed one. I am glad that it was a weight off your shoulders. It to me sounds like that was a very toxic work environment and honestly might be good that you arent there any more. I am so sorry all that happened but I am glad that you are seeing that your arent there any more.

If you need anything we are here for you. I am proud of you for knowing that was not a good fit and not seeing this as a bad thing.

Hold fast
Disabledmetalfan (ash)


Its pretty shitty of those coworkers to do what they did but from the sounds of it you are happier being away from the environment. Keep your head up and moving forward. Go you!!!


Sounds like an opportunity to look for new doors to go through. I’m glad you can see it in a lighter perspective. I wish you the best of luck moving forward and hope the next place gives you more fulfillment


I am so sorry for everything you had to endure in this job, but this sounds like a great opportunity to pursue new goals. I am sorry for the unfortunate circumstances, but it sounds like you’re taking it in stride, thats a good thing.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Prelsey


I got a job yesterday, the interviewer took one look at my previous employer and boss section of my application and said “No wonder you had so many problems there…” But I am still happy about being fired. I’ve been able to spend the last few days with my boys and my life feels so full. :heart: