I got kicked out of my mom's house

So, I was already a terrible day at school. I’ve been getting harassed by kids again. It stopped for a while, but it started up again as soon as it hit December. Now, my mom kicked me out of her house. Since I live with my dad, it’s not as big of a deal as it may seem, but it still hurts. It’s my fault. I blew up in front of her, called her out on her games, and I got kicked out. It’s all my fault, and now I can’t apologize.

I’m sorry that your mom did that did she have a reason why she did that?

because i blew up on her in a “note” i had read

Sucks man :\ sucks to feel like in the moment you wouldn’t have done anything different but looking back you wish the consequences of the actions could have been different…sucks to be hurt by your mom…sucks to feel like you can’t fix something you broke…just sucks man. I’m sorry, friend :\

I’m sorry that happened to you. Your feelings are valid and matter. Maybe allow yourself and her to cool off and try to speak to her again. If you do that maybe try meeting in a place that is neutral for both of you so that there would be less chance of her blowing up and using mental games with you. It sucks right now but it will get better

Sorry you’re having family problems. IDK what’s worse family drama or Family Ignorance.

I hope in time all gets better.