I got nothing now

For the past several months the covid-19 has affected a lot of small buisinesses escpecially the one I got to all the time called flashback games they decieded to briefly shut down until the virus blows over and I am torn apart over this, it was my pride and joy and now it’s gone now I will never enjoy life again as well as I will never find the perfect looking female around and we had to tear down out swimming pool also this year has sucked for me and I just can’t take this anymore I just give up on like period.

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Hey @hatefulman84,

It’s frightening to realize how much this covid situation has impacted the life of so many. And it’s frustrating to feel like we are deprived of our own freedom to move and just… do what we want to do. I’m sorry to hear that the things that give you some joy are not accessible right now. But hopefully this is temporary, friend. There is no doubt that you’ll have still opportunities to do the things you enjoy. There is an epidemy, but we’ve been lucky enough to be still here. This is a season, friend. A very weird season, and I understand that it’s hard not to feel defeated. We’re all learning to adapt ourselves to this new normal. Give yourself the time you need for that. Maybe try to use this time to try something new. It’s okay. And you’ll be okay. :hrtlegolove: