I got paranoid

I went to the Valley Sunday to see the Regan Library and the Command Center of the Power Rangers the building where the show was filmed. Before I left the Valley I drove passed a bookstore I stopped by but I forgot my mask but one of the store associates gave me a clean mask to wear and I keep my distance from people even though there was hardly any people in the store maybe like 3 people. After I came out of the store my mom yelled at me and said if I get COVID-19 it will be my fault and to make matters worse I had to drive by the place where I was assaulted by my abuser and I hardly had any sleep the previous day. its been two days I don’t feel sick but now I’m paranoid of COVID-19


Hey @ranma1983,

I’m so sorry you feel stressed about the risk of having covid. It sounds to me that you’ve been taking a lot of precautions and that’s the best you could have done. Forgetting our mask while going outside probably happened to many of us. Honestly it happened to me several times - just because I’m easily distracted - until I saw someone with a mask and had to go back home. Now I just have one in a bag all the time. Those are new habits we’re just trying to get used to. It doesn’t mean you’re not careful or don’t care about your or anyone else’s safety.

I’m also very sorry to hear about your mom’s reaction. She was probably stressed and afraid, but it certainly doesn’t help to be guilted for a simple mistake. It feels like a lot of people are on edge because of this situation and even small things can trigger some surprising reactions. Just yesterday, at the supermarket a man got frustrated at me because I put my groceries on the conveyor belt at the same time as him - which was forbidden for a certain time, but not anymore. Though I wasn’t at fault and still away from him, it wasn’t a pleasant moment. :woman_facepalming: I believe we all need to give ourselves some grace in these circumstances.

I hear that it’s stressful not to imagine the worst right now. At this point, the best you can do is to keep following the safety recommendations but also to try to take care of yourself and calm down those intrusive thoughts. It sounds that this day was pretty stressful and triggering to you, especially for the places you saw again. You deserve to rest and soothe your heart the best way possible. I hope you’ll manage to focus on things that bring you joy and help you find some peace. You can’t change what happened, and based on what you described the possibility that you were at risk in this situation is very small - but you can definitely try to rest and take care of yourself starting now. :hrtlegolove:

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Thank You Micro I have been under stress since the outbreak happened my brother got covid and a few people I know but it had to do with other people since the Virus helped I have been on lockdown I’m scared to go out except for essentials and even that scares me I was already paranoid of germs and a germaphobe but the covid scares me to death. I stopped a lot of things because of it. But I have been doing my best to be safe but my mom is 81 years old I would never put her at risk. It was a mistake it’s not like I went in without a mask they were nice to give me one many places provide clean masks.

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