I guess my state wants me dead

Missouri lawmakers are having a hearing in four and a half hours on if trans people will be allowed to take hormones before the age of 25 and well if it passes I doubt we will have many rights left


Oh dear god, yea my state is shit too, it makes me sick having to hear that kind of stuff I… It hurts, and it’s scary to hear about. The best we can all do as a community is fight for our rights as humans and get the fuck out of this country. It’s hurts so much to hear that they’re doing this, spreading awareness can help, I just hate what they’re doing to us, ugh… I can never bring myself to put focus on it bc it makes me feel queasy.


Yeah I have very few spoons in a day and I spent most of them calling my law makers and emailing them


Yea that’s the best one can do at this point. I hope there are protests outside god… I’m 18 and I can’t even go to plannedparenthood bc as long as I’m in this house I’m “sticking poison in my veins” and I can’t even leave this house bc poor, I can’t even get top surgery even if I have the money, honestly might fucking do it under the table if I get enough and pretend I still wear binders, tho I’ve got not irl friends to drive me but at least getting that done before it’s turned “illegal” is the best I can do before it’s too late. And shit, I can’t even imagine how people who have finally gotten horomones after years must be feeling right now holy fucking hell. It’s just so wrong…

Hi there @Derpplup,

I’m sorry to hear that lawmakers in your state are being so unempathetic in their policy choices. That seriously stinks and I’m glad that you are doing what you can to lobby for good policy decisions. I’ll hope that the lawmakers do support trans rights in the end and am wishing you all the best. If you ever want to talk about this, know that we are here for you and I’ll be thinking of you.

I have faith in your abilities to push through this, regardless of what lawmakers decide and am so sorry that you are stuck in such an unfortunate situation.

Sending love and support <3

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From: Sh6dow

First off, That is a stupid law. This is not something that we can resolve. It would be the best idea to move states if you feel uncomfortable by this. There are definitely people who can and will encourage this. I would suggest just trying to not think of this as it could be bad to think for the worst. What I find is that when you prepare for the worst, the worst will come harder than what you think. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry. Everything will be fine in the end with time and new elections.

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From: eloquentpetrichor

Hello, Derpplup! That is so frustrating. I don’t understand why people need to control other adults and their decisions that don’t harm anyone and don’t affect other people’s lives.

The only silver lining to this potentially becoming a law is that as an adult there is always the option to go to another state for treatment. It’s lame and it shouldn’t have to be done but it is still an option. At least that right hasn’t been removed.

I share your frustration and if I lived there I would be holding a protest sign with everyone else. I’m sorry. I wish there was more that could be said. I feel for you :hrtlegolove:


From: twixremix

hey friend,

as someone who lives in texas and sees the harmful things these lawmakers want to pass that would directly harm the well-being of myself or my friends, i understand your fear. it’s such a helpless, frustrating, nauseating feeling… and no matter how early we vote, how many phone calls to elected officials we make, or angry tweets we publish, we can’t stop it. so i get it, i unfortunately and painfully get it.

i do offer a bit of hope though through this nightmarish storm: there will always be loopholes. these lawmakers are only putting up more difficult hoops to jump through but there will always be surrounding states that will support the needs of trans people (hormone prescriptions, gender affirmation surgery, etc.). i wish there was more i could say to make it not as chilling of a situation as it is but if anything, i need you to know your heartsupport community is by your side through anything missouri throws your way. lawmakers may be corrupt enough to take away your rights but they’ll never take away your identity. let’s keep making our individual impacts in our own states, voting out those that make us feel like this, and hoping the next leaders will protect the future for many generations to come, deal?


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Ah yes move states something I can’t do given the fact I’m poor and disabled not everyone is able to just move cross country

I mean the bill passed 2 hours ago it’s what I expected

Except you know not all of us have this option not all of us have the privilege of being able to make a possible two day long trip 5 times a year

That really sucks… Do you know where you heard about this because I can’t find it

Hopefully they will rally good luck

Someone sent me this saying that vote do pass doesn’t mean the bill was passed, it’s just passed to be scheduled for a vote in the house


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